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  Updated:  2004
Log of the Year:
"No pukes Bree, lets leave." - [Chewer]
Best Logposter (Free People) [general]:
Best Logposter (Minions) [general]:
Best Logposter (Free People):
Best Logposter (Minions):
Best RL Representation in a Log:
"A Mumer Is Born pt. 5" - [Aschit]
Best Leader:
Best Teamwork:
"Dogs among the sheep" - [Mammoth]
Most Memorable Log Title:
"I got my hair cut last friday" - [Dynamit]
Best Zaugurz Log:
"Unexpected meeting" - [Alkoholix]
Most Original Log:
"When all seems lost..." - [Miler]
Best Adapted Log:
"Trolls, the other pink meat" - [Siege]
Best Narrate/Sing/Yell:
"maybe we should target like 7.dwarf?" - [Vecna]
Most Educational Log:
"I'm innocent (Never give up!)" - [Hate]
Best Use of Visual Effects:
"Long and spamy (movie)" - [Azazello]
Most Cunning Action:
"Make a plan and belive in it!" - [Malus]
Most Memorable Ainur Action on ER:
"for organising and actively posting on ER" - [Vaire]
ER Lifetime Achievement Award:
"for flooding game with shining" - [Bogger]
Most Notable Comeback:
"Gothmog, Labero, Orodreth group" - [Gothmog]
Best Commentated Log:
"Shopping Trip" - [Fella], © 2001-2018, View Site Credits. Give us your Feedback or ask for Support.