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  Updated:  2005

In the Spring of 2005 Androg took on the challenge of compiling the 2005 ElvenRunes Awards. Qualifying entries had to have taken place within the 12 months before Spring 2005.

The "2005 GLOWSTICKS" of ElvenRunes:

Log of the Year:
"YOU are in my territory" - [Shrimp]
Best Logposter (Free People) [general]:
Best Logposter (Minions) [general]:
Best Logposter (Free People):
Best Logposter (Minions):
Best Teamwork:
"Daily log 2 – Brutal Zaugurz-efficiency!" - [Riddar]
Most Memorable Log Title:
"The Pacifist’s Guide to PK" - [Vianae]
Best Zaugurz Log:
"Daily log 2 – Brutal Zaugurz-efficiency!" - [Riddar]
Most Original Log:
"Sudden impact" - [Conspiracy]
Best Narrate/Sing/Yell:
"prays to Bvvvt 'Want to buy a vowel?'" - [Gruenthar]
Most Educational Log:
"The elf told me to!" - [Siege]
Most Cunning Action:
"Rumble Rumble!" - [Anathir]
Most Memorable Ainur Action on ER:
ER Lifetime Achievement Award:
"Reaching Level 100" - [Smrtihlav]
Most Notable Comeback:
Best Commentated Log:
"Fuel to the Fire" - [Moridin]
Best Bear Log:
"Don’t you EVER spit on me again!" - [Kine]
Best Troll Log:
"Greenholm High Jinks" - [Thurge]
Best Fictional Log:
"A day in the life of a mob" - [Conspiracy]
RolePlay Log of the Year:
"Orders from Bulgotha" - [Malus]
Elvenrunes Debater of the Year:
Log of the Year (Free People):
"Daily Log 1 *kiss Bagger*" - [Valandar]
Log of the Year (Minions):
"Vex’s tactics" - [Dorlok]

This year without doubt the closest competition was in Best Logposter (whitie) category and in the best whitie log category (as those needed an extra jury member to the extra jury members!!). Aside that Honorary Award, Best Commentated and Best Fictional Log category were also very close. On other hard Best Logposter (darkie), Best Bear and Best Troll and most Cunning action categories were almost unanimous.

Aside that I'd like to thank all the people who participated in the nominating process, voting process or helped in some other way to make this work easier and quicker. :)

But most importantly lets not forget Blenda (Who seems to have already been forgotten in last Gossip!) without whom I could not have managed taking care of the whole process, from deciding categories, to finding the nominees to organising the jury work.

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