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  Updated:  2006
Log of the Year:
"Who said that BNs are weak!" - [Reikor]
Best Logposter (Free People) [general]:
Best Logposter (Minions) [general]:
Best Leader:
Best Teamwork:
"*a dreadful Orc* says 'U DIE'" - [Skum]
Most Memorable Log Title:
"How to be an ass, and enjoy it." - [Ninjzor]
Best Zaugurz Log:
"Exping Zorcs..." - [Nockmurlig]
Most Original Log:
Best Adapted Log:
"'I hate dwarves... and elves... and...'" - [Shaaz]
Most Educational Log:
"Getting beat up" - [Zeak]
Best Use of Visual Effects:
"Faktor,Breaux vs. Mandara Cormax" - [Cormax]
Most Cunning Action:
"How to kill a storeporter" - [Valamir]
Most Memorable Ainur Action on ER:
"For actively reducing the amount of cheating on Mume" - [Namo]
Best Commentated Log:
"Another Manual for PK" - [Scad]
RolePlay Log of the Year:
"Tharbad showdown[IC]" - [Malus]
Log of the Year (Free People):
"Something for my CV" - [Lothlahn]
Log of the Year (Minions):
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