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  Updated:  2008
Log of the Year:
"Longest Battle in History" - [Rotmos]
Best Logposter (Free People):
Best Logposter (Minions):
Best Teamwork:
"Uncuted, unedited, bloodier than ever (tm)" - [Babai]
Most Memorable Log Title:
"Evil as a virgin Arata" - [Ninjzor]
Best Zaugurz Log:
"Pure skill, No luck.." - [Zerabethulh]
Most Original Log:
"Just ONE time!" - [Sachurin]
Best Adapted Log:
"Hibernation" - [Ugurz]
Most Educational Log:
"Farmer black's gone wild!" - [Drogtash]
Best Use of Visual Effects:
"BBT gone bad" - [Idronas]
Most Cunning Action:
"Trap verves overkill" - [Redflower]
ER Lifetime Achievement Award:
"for all the ways he enlivened, replenished and brightened ER! " - [Stavin]
Most Notable Comeback:
Best Commentated Log:
"The Definitive Guide To PK" - [Scad]
Best Bear Log:
"Ride the big one!" - [Notch]
Best Troll Log:
"A day in the priest" - [Klubicko]
Best Fictional Log:
"Porn. Cheats. Snakr." - [Ninjzor]
Elvenrunes Debater of the Year:
Log of the Year (Free People):
"Fear the Furball' or 'Small Hobbit, Big Ass-Whupping" - [Subtle]
Log of the Year (Minions):
"What to expect when you are expecting" - [Reikor]
Newcomer of the Year:

Lastly, a few words about the process itself. This year was a witness to the closest matches in the Glowsticks history. After the original jury members had finished voting, almost half the categories had draws! It took quite a few extra jury members to find out the clear winners. The most notable among these fierce competitions were Best Whitie Log Poster, Newcomer of the Year, Best Zaugurz Log, Most Cunning Action, ER Lifetime Achievement Award and of course, the most even competition ever - Best Adapted Log. I would also like to thank Blenda and many others for their help and support. :)

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