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2013/08/18 23:23, Stolb: 
That's like the lamest thing I've seen in years. Want me to spam
this until 300?

2013/10/07 17:30, Andróg:   
I'm pretty sure that spamming to 300 would be way way lamer. But you can try it out, if you're not convinced.

2013/10/11 04:14, Stolb: 
I'm not that lamer like you indeed.

2014/03/14 16:37, Andróg:   
Thou shalt lamefy yourself! That's an order!

2014/04/12 02:59, Stolb: 
I are rezist

2014/08/23 14:43, Andróg:   
That's no news. We've all known for years that you're a rezist.

2015/06/09 20:23, Vaelrin:  -Aranaeth- 
Im not even posting under my own account.

Just to get the last word, pussies!

2015/09/25 20:24, Andróg:   
we do not tolerate fake or anonymous character names!

2016/08/22 04:29, Zepir:   
nice log i win

2017/02/11 18:02, Andróg:   
Ack! There's a new Stolb in town.

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