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Huge Necro Fight (Nala)back

2002/09/23 11:51, Stolb: 
now the compact mode kills me, nice fight.
seems i would never mannage to get whats happening, id just blindly spamm spells and hope that our side wins :)

2002/09/23 12:50, Marre: 
UlfEkman of Livets Ord is standing here.

ROFL :P who's that guy?

2002/09/23 13:03, Razoor: 
Yeah i was laughing out LOUD when i saw that :P

Gangee smirks as his fireball explodes into the face of *Painless the Numenorean* <--- Cool!

2002/09/23 13:55, Devastator: 
Cool to read this stuff but I would be a bad pker with old mume, what a spam :)

2002/09/23 14:03, Endor:   
UlfEkman utters the words, 'harm'

UlfEkman gets a dark curved sword from the corpse of *an Orc*.
UlfEkman gets a wolfskin wristband from the corpse of *an Orc*.
UlfEkman gets a black, hooded cloak from the corpse of *an Orc*.
UlfEkman gets a smelly piece of worm hide from the corpse of *an Orc*
UlfEkman gets a black amulet from the corpse of *an Orc*.
UlfEkman gets an iron ring from the corpse of *an Orc*.

stop making me laugh so god damn much ;)

2002/10/30 09:18, Kangelane: 
lol... Did rules names exist at that time? ;)

2002/11/15 10:30, Jycherok: 
Well, sdf is a classic, yet strange name, so is fnineteen

2002/12/14 23:52, Sdf:   
Wow I remember this...what a great time.
Interesting thing missing from log (actually, what happened JUST after log ends) is that though darks died off, the Necromancer was still alive....and fighting ME. Despite several 'Superdeathflame says 'Umm...guys? Necro? Help?', and several *point necromancer*, I wound up mobdying to him and skeletals while the others regained bearings, *look in corpse 1...n*, or etc....still was fun tho :)

2002/12/30 10:19, Drakmar:   
Who was The Huge Grizzly, and why can't we do names like that now? :(

2003/01/01 21:01, Stor: 
UlfEkman was p(BarbaStark/BarbaZoo).

2003/06/18 18:06, Ringmir: 
is it just me or was there no melee messages or line of sight messages in the huge mess?

2003/06/24 08:51, Gray: 
Melee, los and approach are all quite new features - when I started (and it wasn't much time ago), there were none of them.

2003/07/03 02:29, Omega: 
I was the huge grizzly!

2003/07/04 06:20, Ringmir: 
lol omega, you woulda ripped

2003/08/03 00:30, Moortek: 
ROFL I LAUGHED so hard when I saw UlfEkman, R O F L. ANd Blackjack too haha. Ainus at that time had more sense of humor it seems :)

2003/09/15 10:44, Conspiracy:   
Ohh.. will we ever expiriance a fight like that again? I would like to fight in a huge fight like that.. but it never happens, nowadays its all hit and fleeing and shit :('
No glory at all.

2003/12/16 17:02, Andróg:   
Well, as soon as the losses what you suffer when dying are cut smaller, I'd say, we can easily experience fights like this one.

2004/01/31 16:16, Andróg:   
This fight is simply hilarious. Have read this twice, more than twice, and it's still rocking log to read.

2004/06/02 13:53, Kasman: 
I dont remember this particular fight *sigh*

2004/07/13 08:10, Valus: 

2004/09/30 14:10, Stratos: 
Hrmm this log isnt ancient..i live with lungchaun, this like 4 years old max or what?

2004/10/01 22:58, Andróg:   
Dream on, Stratos. This one has to be at least 8+ years old.

2005/11/16 10:07, Mushibag: 
Maybe I missed something.. but what's so special about 20v10 overkill? Or was overkill a sign of skill back in the day?

2005/12/03 11:27, Andróg:   
Mushibag - the names, the equipment, how MUME looked like... everything. Besides, I don't believe (although I wasn't there) that so big fights were that usual those days.

2009/06/06 07:02, Thurge: 

2009/12/17 04:11, Fedor: 
Hahaha, some awesome descriptions --> Kasman makes *an Orc* into a colourful corpse

2 weeks ago we had a nice semi huge-fight at that place.
Brave charge by the darkies, unfortunately for them the trolls entered before the BN could unstore his quakes + all whities were glowing :P So the fight quickly turned into a slaughter...

Looked something like this just after the quakes:
![ CW HP:Fine a skeletal warrior:Fine>l
Research Chamber
A copper penny lies on the ground.
You see two skeletons on the ground.
The corpse of *a Man* is lying here. <= Punjab
A slender man standing by the pine table keenly observes you.
Líëf the Dwarf is here, fighting *Urkghásh the Orc* (glowing).
Kessler the Dwarf is here, fighting *Ryokan the Cave Troll* (glowing).
Semele the Half-Elf is standing here (glowing).
Lehawk the Dwarf is here, fighting *Urkghásh the Orc* (glowing).
Auluua the Half-Elf is standing here trying to concentrate (glowing).
Aldon the Dwarf is here, fighting *Kassdall the Mountain Troll* (glowing).
Shiv the Elf is standing here (glowing).
*Kylhuk the Mountain Troll* is here, FIGHTING Kessler.
*Doss the Hill Troll* is standing here.
*Ryokan the Cave Troll* is here, FIGHTING Kessler.
*Kassdall the Mountain Troll* is here, FIGHTING Aldon.
*Urkghásh the Orc* is here, FIGHTING Líëf.
A hungry warg is >> =D=Y=I=N=G= << WHACK!
A skeletal warrior is here, FIGHTING YOU.
The shadow of *a Man* is floating here.


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