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RD Defended! (Cadfael)back

2002/09/23 13:28, Gauldoth: 
Someone could briefly introduce most famous players of those years ? That would be for the ones that started in the last 2-3 years :)

2002/09/23 17:42, Durcano: 
sucky times, when puke caster's spells were INSTA inside rdell.

2002/09/23 20:34, Gray: 
Guess it was still better for darkies than now :P When spells are still delayed inside, but you can't enter Rdell at all!

2002/09/23 21:05, Ilmarin: 
This must be mume6 or earlier. I've never seens so good points: 200/200 hit, 100/155 mana and 136/137 moves.

2002/09/24 20:49, Roadkill: 
Think it's MUME6 or even MUME5. *shiver* Cadfael, I remember him. :-)

And Elegil. :-)

2002/09/29 07:27, Dogg: 

funny shit, was before my time :)

2002/10/01 09:33, Vidomina: 
Uhh 200 hit 155 mana and 137 moves, you can never get this novadays...

2002/10/03 12:05, Filibert: 
Well this one is quite old, dunno what mume version but I am Gurra in this Log, and that char was renamed to Meriadoc like ehhhh before I meet my current girlfriend so must be like more then 5 years ago. And heh I was already good at spamming 'get all corpse' back then .....

2002/10/18 08:17, Rentera:   
Well if as Rentera I had sword glowing etc, could well has been mumeIV

2002/10/18 08:19, Rentera:   
Well if as Rentera I had sword glowing etc, could well has been mumeIV

2002/10/23 23:34, Jocke:   
That was mume V

2002/10/30 13:34, Devastator: 
Damn I wish I still could raid Rivendell, cool mobs to whack inside:(

2002/12/30 10:14, Drakmar:   
Someone (a maia maybe), said RD is still enterable for darkies, but is next to impoosible to figure out. Still, nice to see elrond in action..
elrond.. the ultimate circleMUD cityguard.. :)

2003/01/29 02:27, Zaber: 
1, 1%, The Balrog

2003/04/24 03:41, Vrool: 
Looks like Elrond needs some anger manegment =P

2003/04/24 11:20, Arthefin:   
Elrond screams 'PROTECT THE INNOCENT! BANZAI!! .... <==== *shiver*

Poor J.R.R Toklien... :-( May you rest in peace...

2004/11/09 10:00, Andróg:   
Noticed an interesting detail in the log now that I read it again over long time.

1, 1%, The Woman

Who, what, where, how was this??

2004/11/18 05:54, Elromir:   
I think 'The Woman' in the old days was 'a woman' in the present days, a citizen mob I believe.

2006/12/04 13:14, Eldaril: 

This is what a cityguard mobile will scream in your average Diku/Circle-based MUD. I guess someone hadn't changed it back then.

The other funny one that is now gone is the 'your own private rainbow' thing.

2009/06/06 07:03, Thurge: 
So how does sautéed Elrond taste?

2011/03/01 17:30, Björn: 
1, 1%, The Balrog

You soloed the fucking balrog?!

2014/03/07 16:28, Bungo:edited 2x   
Late answer for Gauldoth.
Huor, Elegil, all the other Rhudaur bunch (i guess they were 6 or 7 total) Silverleaf, Gaz, Gangee, Utgbald, Autumn ...
First to come in mind. Of course there were more of them. And i didn't include a single Saurons servant.

Well, really don't remember them all anymore, my MUME career began with Petrel giving me my first newbierun. Was quite a while ago :)


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