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2002/09/23 21:18, Gray: 
ROFLMAO! :))) You mean... Yavanna is THAT clueless? Still, would be fun to see the first sauronlisted BN! The true BN! *laugh*

2002/09/23 21:39, Alantir: 
Mistakes can be made by anyone... this was rather fun though. :)

2002/09/23 22:53, Chauncey: 
Hehe, seen it before, but it still cracks me up!

2002/09/24 07:07, Shagrath: 
ROFL :))

2002/09/24 09:34, Devastator: 
LAUGH This MUST stay on the site, PRICELESS!!!!1

2002/09/24 11:17, Kaool:   
LOL ... just too funny >)

2002/09/24 20:45, Roadkill: 
Oh my. :-)

Priceless log. :-)

2002/09/25 04:55, Goretongue: 
ya i remember seeing this before, funny stuff

2002/09/26 03:42, Durcano: 
ayep, this is really rocking :)

2002/09/26 10:33, Rayden:   
*LAUGH* x 2984738237488234 times

2002/09/27 06:18, Gothmog:   
I might be lessening the fun for people, but I think this was around the time where whois on a BN showed 'is a Man'. Then again, this 'Man' is pretty famous. :-)

2002/09/29 00:03, Conti:   
lol vayu was listed before?

2002/10/18 22:50, Durandir:   
Jeah, was pretty funny!

2002/11/01 17:18, Jocke:   
This is probably the best log ever. *hug* Tarmo

2002/11/26 04:57, Johannes: 
It still cracks me up :-))

* R S C>t yavanna i can apolo him


2002/11/27 20:17, Kostihryz:   

2002/12/05 11:25, Gila: 
The thing that strikes me as the funniest is that the BN didn't enlighten her!!! He just played along! That is sooo funny! :D

2002/12/30 10:08, Dragos:   
I reall hope imms of MUME have to past a basic IQ test now after this...

2003/01/02 04:43, Humala: 
Yeppers this log gotta be one of the funniest I've seen :) Woulda rocked to see the dwarf die again, and see what Yavanna had to say to that:)

2003/03/17 00:25, Darand: 
Oh my I nearly fell off my chair reading this one... SO funny.

Yavanna tells you 'avoid elves if I were you'

It was back in the good old days when we still used to see bn's round bm. It sure is a lesson for imm's though never EVER take short cuts in punishments.

2003/05/01 10:31, Shadrach: 
Yavanna tells you 'why did you kill him??'
* R S C Mana:Burning>t yavanna he barked on me :(


2003/08/09 21:35, Cuantar: 
LOL! That's hillarious :P *comf Yavanna*

2004/10/30 18:09, Ninjzor: 

2006/07/15 15:13, Björn: 
Ninjzor du är ingen pirat!

2006/08/30 06:12, Lodis:   
* R S C Mana:Cold>
Brog narrates '*laugh*'

* R S C Mana:Cold>nar ainulindale tells you 'Elbereth's list seems likely'

* R S C Mana:Cold>
Spawn narrates 'heh'

* R S C Mana:Cold>l
Spark narrates 'kill the ainulaindale!'

How come 2 dwarves on BN narrates?

2006/11/25 10:53, Fankil: 
They must be old orcs/BNs/trolls who later deleted and were remade as dwarves.

2007/01/11 23:44, Passiona:   
I read it and reread it. And i still like it!

2009/06/06 07:04, Thurge: 
I am agree with Björn!


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