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Labero vs Vayu in sewers (Labero)back

2002/09/24 20:21, Roadkill: 
*Drool* I remember when this log was posted (think it was on the .kth site or somesuch). I read it at least 3 times. Still love it. :-)

2002/10/18 22:12, Durandir:   
A giant pony-sized rat patters against you, squeaking maliciously.

2002/12/01 20:33, Juss: 
Wanna bet this comment will never be read again?

2002/12/04 09:12, Yoda: 
I read it juss :)

2002/12/04 19:26, Juss: 
Damn you, little green gnarled bastard! Damn you! =(

2004/10/30 18:11, Ninjzor: 
We need more old people like these to play..

2016/05/16 20:48, Cromdreth:   


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