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2002/09/24 10:00, Devastator: 
*comf* but still many people did read your log and you are only one who managed it :)

2002/09/24 10:43, Alantir: 
This is one of the true classics. :) When I started playing this was the first log I heard about, and you still hear people talking about it from time to time still.

Quite an obvious bug-abuse, but still... :) (like it says in the help files, if it's too good to be true, it probably is)

2002/09/24 10:45, Alantir: 
Now Gray... can you dig out Nazgum's muranog adventures too?.. :) I'm afraid it's on though and that site's probably gonna explode if I try to search anything there...

2002/09/24 15:32, Grimble:   
Funny how it wasn't considered a bug when everyone was going around with 20000 charmed cave lions wasting anyone that passed by.

2002/09/24 16:35, Luke: 
well a lot of people were using(or abusing?) charm back in those days, Falemir running in warens with 6 troll mobs , people with cave lions etc and nothing happened for months , but when died Dains toy this way reaction was really fast :P

2002/09/24 18:24, Gray: 
Drenical: I never saved logs from Yeah I've posted this log there before, and, if I remember correctly, some newbie much later reposted it, but it has nothing to do with downloading logs from there. I didn't found Nazgum's log amusing enough to save it, as some Vala spoiled all the fun anyways.

2002/09/24 18:25, Gray: 
Forgot to say, it WAS considered bug, so now you can't charm even one single cavelion.

2002/09/24 20:01, Roadkill: 
One of my favourite logs. :-)

2002/09/24 20:02, Luke: 
Wp: 177. *cry* gimme back wps evil Valas! let just me see wps and noone else? i wont tell anyone , i promise!

2002/09/24 22:34, Alantir: 
Heh.. what do you mean 'some newbie reposted it'? You just reposted it and you're a newbie... so you're talking about yourself?

This log isn't yours to begin with so I don't give a flying fuck where you got it from. Now go dig up that Nazgum's log instead...

2002/09/26 15:49, Endor:   
Isn't it time to drop all this hostility towards Gray? I mean...he hasnt been playing for like 2 months now...

2002/09/26 17:35, Alantir: 
That wasn't hostility... he said 'some newbie reposted it' like he's the only one with the right to post others logs. So if he rereposted it, he must be a very clear case of a newbie.

And hasn't he been leveling a zorc during that time or so? I guess it doesn't count as playing though...

2002/09/26 19:08, Rogon:   
Heh endor haven't seen the char gray for awhile and thinks he therefor has quit mume. Don't be silly!

2002/09/26 20:45, Gray: 
I meant 'reposted on', if it wasn't obvious. Also, you didn't explain your definition of the word 'newbie' in corresponding thread, so your last comment is pretty much void.

2002/09/26 21:40, Gray: 
Doh, I hate that modem thingie... You download comments, read em for 2 hours and write replies, upload - and notice that there are added some 2-10 more comments to the point already :P

Well Drenical, seems you are newbie as well - or just didn't read carefully enough in the past. I posted it like 3 years ago, later some newbie, who obviously wasn't playing back then (when this log was posted), reposted it. If he posts logs on site, having no clue that these logs were posted already, long ago, how else should he be named?

And btw, Orkanoid is a zorc, and he was legended in spring, and wasn't logged in since then :P

2002/11/26 16:28, Lochdale: 
Absolutely first rate. Brilliant log.

2003/06/05 04:45, Drakmar:   
This is possible the best log I've ever read, pity certain people have to suck though. *poke*
I would've loved to see people with mobs like cavelions and others with lame bash-type dmg muddles (like beorn's overpowered hug).

2017/03/30 09:29, Bungo: 
This is heavy.


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