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Good old Clip-clop (Rurbag)back

2002/09/27 20:49, Uber: 

2002/09/28 08:36, Devastator: 
Christ hold was overpowered

2002/09/28 09:20, Helevorn:   
Oh, Zhaea. The reason why hold was removed from bns. Can't someone dig up some old log him?

2002/10/02 21:37, Udo: 
i got pared+harmed today in slag!!!!! aaaah the memories.

2002/10/04 11:34, Liliah: 
Huhu *Daydream* Makes me wonder why I wasn't around earlier! Hold *flip*

2002/10/06 23:42, Axel: 
Guess we keep that log for now

2002/10/16 12:40, Roadkill: 
Muhaha. I'm glad they changed it, but it DID get Thorac finally killed. ;-)

2002/10/17 04:47, Dos: 
Wasn't Kip Slayer?

2002/10/17 13:06, Rurbag:   
Yes he was.

2002/10/18 13:01, Oiri: 
Any1 knows why 'Clip-Clop...' now removed ?

2003/11/28 01:02, Lookhu: 
this is especially dear to me, I miss old hold :(

2007/08/29 13:51, Ajax: 
I just wish we could have seen Kip's narrates afterwords, those would have been priceless!


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