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Utgbalds gets ambushed at BBT (950703) (Utgbald)back

2002/10/03 16:03, Fankil: 
Huge and spammy, I think the narrates and comments are funny. Alot of old people in the log and last but not least Huor, using caps, being a mortal - that has got to be worth something!

2002/10/03 17:20, Devastator: 
This looked cool, nice to read that old stuff :)
Rocking narrates too yeah, hehe!

2002/10/04 05:08, Uber: 
Hmm... I remember another nice log, a lot less people and a lot closer. It involved Scrape as well.. or maybe this was it? :p anyone find it, post it!

2002/10/04 10:06, Relim:   
Crikey, this was from earlier days - I remember Gaz well, and was nice to see some of the old messages from combat and so :) Good stuff.

2002/10/05 18:45, Wojtek: 
whoohooo, that was nice, I never seen mume before september 2002. Else ...

2002/10/05 19:13, Axel: 
you mean 2000 right? :)

2002/10/05 19:46, Wojtek: 
sure I do, it was mume 7 ..

2002/10/16 12:46, Roadkill: 
Aaahhh, when sanced people would take up two lines on your screen:
*a troll* is here
*a troll* glows with a bright light!

Miss that :-)

2003/01/27 07:42, Macabre:   

Dervin narrates '*comf*

Ahh the good old days and an old char who goes by a different handle these days.

2003/10/29 03:30, Trample: 
MUHAHAHA.....this is SOOO Funny! I was/am this log I showed how much a newb I was back then! I remember this - I used to MUME using Gopher of all link was never good so most of the time these melee group fights would spam by me....You notice I had a wimpy set...which kicked in....then I began fleeing (during fast spammy scrolling)...then I ask 'They all dead?' ROFL!!!!!

2004/10/30 18:10, Ninjzor: 

2016/05/16 20:49, Cromdreth:   
Missing the good ol'e days in BBT. Imback now, be afraid! me hungry

2021/01/13 00:29, Trample:edited 1x   
This log was from 1995, btw. Utgbald put it at the top (950703) - July 7, 1995. MUME was like 3 years old.

Freakin almost 30 years old!!!



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