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2002/10/06 05:19, Rogon:   
Yeah i remember this one :) It almost makes me want to post that old log from when azazhel was level 25 and demanded some noname man's moneybag to let him live, and got it :P with money in it!

2002/10/06 05:46, Truk:   
ahh yeah hehe im having a good laugh over this one

2002/10/06 10:28, Britney: 
anyone got log about first uses of charge. Im not sure was it Jeesus or who (level 9 or so) charged Superdeathflame to corpse from full hps with 1 charge :)

2002/10/06 13:26, Kaool:   
Reminds me of the Aschit log (I think) where he mugs a bn of his shield and sword. Made him repent for his sins etc... cute and very funny.

2002/10/06 17:08, Gonfor:   
I've always loved this one. The Aschit log is pretty funny too. I'm going to have to try and dig up something this cool! Not likely but worth a shot.

2002/10/06 22:48, Edvard: 
*a Human* leaves east riding the trained horse

very nice one =)

2002/10/07 11:10, Devastator: 
Rocking log :) and *nod* Rogon :P

2002/10/07 11:59, Yoda: 
I remember one where a fear scroll is passed from bn to whitie who recites it and kills the bn (or was it the other way round ?

2002/10/07 23:25, Humala: 
HAHA!!! This log rocks, and it rocked the first time I read it in the year 12 :)

2002/10/08 10:10, Helevorn:   
Yoda: Plonn was the BN, dunno who the whities were though.

2002/10/08 13:37, Rogon:   
Whitie did necro, came out, bn was standing there, so they gave it to the bn, bn ponders, gives it back, whitie recites it, bn dies from heartattack! Was a funny one too yeah.

2002/10/08 22:22, Uber: 
You are too inexperienced on Arda to know your base abilities...

must have been fun :P

2002/10/10 10:27, Rayden:   
LOL, that was cute :) These old goodies make me regret i didn't know anything about mume about 5 years ago :/

2002/10/10 19:52, Neo: 
I think you should post the log of Reivax and I falling on your head in liche shaft and making you #1 warlord with Azazhel :) If it's not a classic yet, it will be!

2002/10/15 01:08, Gray: 
Uber> must have been fun :P

Was not fun, I tell ya... was contest of patience and luck. My gf got int20 wis18 dex17 str13 cleric on like 2nd or 3rd attempt, while I levelled like 50 pukemages just to get best of them with int19 wis17 dex17 str11... Back then dex was much more important for casters than now, and per/wil was useless (just fyi). Good thing stathunting is gone, and such nice thing as limited rerolls got coded!

2002/10/16 11:38, Bonzo: 
Gray -> Back then was no per/wil...but fyi anyways.

2002/11/15 07:30, Jycherok: 
I wonder if bn kept up to his end of the bargain and told orcs he went west...

fucking hilarious log.

2002/12/17 01:10, Axel: 
Btw, that log seems to have been originially posted at following site [submitted link]
Many thanks go to Aredhel, who found out about the origin, since I only got it from a friends log collection.

So if you people get hold of were the logs in the blast-from-the-past section were originally posted or who posted them, we really should show our appreciation and share those links.

2007/05/05 19:45, Bungo: 
-> Bonzo back then WAS wil :)

2007/08/23 12:57, Susu: 
hilarious .. :D


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