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2002/10/08 14:14, Filibert: 
This is true masterpiece!

2002/10/08 14:14, Tendor: 
* R Mana:Burning>sa That's what i call a plan

ROFL, hilarious :)

2002/10/08 21:24, Kaool:   
Smiling ear-to-ear ... does not get much better than that... I bet Plonn sat there staring at his screen for at least 10 minutes >)

2002/10/09 02:06, Stolb: 

2002/10/09 05:47, Enforcer: 
yep, someone reminded me of the log, so i looked it up in doriens logs
i didnt find another cute log i was hoping to find though :(

2002/10/09 06:00, Khazgren:   
hehe this is a classic

2002/10/09 09:45, Snarp:   
Things like that scroll in the game I think is bad because it can kill you without damaging hps, mana, moves etc, It only relies on the persons wil? I would hate that to happen to me, just like an ld death. Although, I do see the humor in the log, poor guy got unlucky, I would have kept it :P (I apologise if I am wrong).

2002/10/09 10:53, Yoda: 
yeah, thats the log I remembered, very funny!

2002/10/10 19:50, Chauncey: 
Hehe, I hadn't read this log in a long time, almost forgot about it! Hilarious one.

2002/10/15 01:09, Gray: 
Ow yea, I have this log in my log collection as well :) Fun fun, for the first months after I've read it I tried to ask all the expirienced MUMErs - why did it work that way? Why did it matter that Plonn had the scroll in hands, so it killed him later? Oh well *pat me* :)

2002/10/15 20:25, Wow: 
Guess i had a karma debt :(

2002/10/17 16:49, Gonfor:   
I'm incredibly ashamed. Not because I'm in this log but because I remember asking similar questions to those asked by Gray. *blush* Anyway, this log rocks. A true 5 star log!

2002/10/18 09:27, Devastator: 
Because you suck as much as Gray Gonfor, but you still think you don't :P

Awesome log :) hehe made me laugh :)

2002/10/18 10:12, Bigger: 

2002/10/18 21:33, Durandir:   
Very good! *laugh*

2002/11/12 19:55, Blarin:   

2002/12/29 05:30, Johannes: 
*Laugh* :-D

This has to be the most cunning plan ever!

2003/09/22 13:04, Incanus:   
Absolutely lovely!

2003/09/23 14:43, Jocke:   
A true classic. If somone would have posted this log on Elvenrunes today though, fearing some well known BN to death, those participating would have been accused of cheating and about 14 kids would have cried for a demotion.

2003/10/21 04:33, Tramd: 
a groupmate of mine died to the gilded ghost guy like that didnt even know you could die like that

2007/05/05 19:29, Bungo:edited 1x   
Doh...Olor was my char before i gave him away :P
(I mean i statted him, and he was quite a good dwarf warrior.)

2008/08/02 15:55, Titanium:edited 1x   
Best part of the log

* R Mana:Burning>g
get all corpse

You have taken this GACing to a whole new level.


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