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2002/10/11 07:00, Enforcer: 
IMHO this was a kickin' log =), anyway
[submitted link]
is another KICKASS log, but i cannot access it...maybe someone can and post it here?

2002/10/11 07:46, Devastator: 
Can't access it for some reason :/

2002/10/11 08:02, Rayden:   

Yeah.. the reason is chmod o-rwx MolochDead(edited).html :p

2002/10/11 13:25, Ôstu:   
You have gained 30 war points in battles against evil. !!11

2002/10/15 00:09, Crackle:   
[submitted link]

This part seems to be accessable enforcer, and it has that log there. Some other old old stuff too, including a gangee log!

2002/10/16 06:59, Rafa:   
Them's some scary stats, nowonder you guys liked the old MUME...

Str:18 Int:16 Wis:14 Dex:18 Con:18 Wil:9 Per:12.

- shield
- armour
- strength
- detect invisibility

2002/10/17 16:46, Gonfor:   
*giggle* This was pretty funny. It's always fun to find a litle bug like this. Abusing it would be the bad part :-)

2002/10/18 09:31, Devastator: 
Hehe awesome now would be fun if you chatted some with orcs at Takhr :)

2002/11/05 00:16, Rain: 
Rotfl, that was me dying. :) Kinda sucked that I mobdied though. Think I got a reimb for age/exp in the end...

2002/11/05 00:18, Rain: 
My old orc scout was something like 18 14 13 19 18 11 10. Had a shaman with 21 16 16 13 13 13 11. Old stats were so much more fun. :(


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