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Moloch narrating for trans! (Lurken)back

2002/10/15 14:13, Enforcer: 
I think this is a classic...Not = i wrote Not sure, Lurken?...someone could check it out maybe..

2002/10/15 20:22, Wow: 
Check out what? 'Saving Lurken' speaks for itself i guess..
Anyway, kickass log!

2002/10/16 12:34, Roadkill: 
Love this log. And I miss the Lurken and Darkun tag-team. :-/

2002/10/18 09:34, Devastator: 
Hehe pretty cute :)

2002/10/23 10:33, Gonfor:   
*giggle* I hadn't seen this one before. Pretty funny stuff.

2002/10/31 07:05, Griand:   
Heh, I was Finrodel in this log - then it decayed and I had to make new one :P

2002/11/01 17:11, Jocke:   
Oh Darkun! :)

2002/11/01 17:12, Jocke:   
Funny logs as hell besides that.

2002/11/23 11:11, Edvard: 
Why the hell did they remove 'tries to flee but is too exhausted' that rocks. Linkdroppers cant fool people on exhausted=p

2003/01/20 05:11, Alantir: 
With that spell thing, working even when you've left room... if it was same target.. noname orc leaves, and another noname orc enters, would it hit the new orc?.. :)

2003/01/23 14:53, Lurken: 
Alantir: Yes it would. You could even do this once upon a time:

cast 'fireball' troll
They aren't here.

Sometimes you would insta-eat some spells due to this. :)

2004/10/31 11:33, Ninjzor: 
Mume must have been way more fun back in the old days..
I mean, wormhide, strange black helmet and dented broadsword, that is a sweet combination! =)

2016/05/17 12:43, Cromdreth:   
Miss the good ol'e days :D


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