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2002/11/21 00:23, Axel: 
oh, I thought it would show the poster name too - guess not :)

2002/11/21 07:24, Jycherok: 
Why is this labelled as 'pending'??
This is undoubtedly ancient, how long has it been since gh got raided?

2002/11/21 09:04, Axel: 
It is labeled pending as long as it is not decided if it is being kept. (= those who are in the voter-group can vote)

2002/11/21 11:14, Jycherok: 

2002/11/21 13:02, Devastator: 
Ohhh damn the good old days. Wish I could raid GH too :)

Well still, have tried to enter bm with 15 darkies and reach Theddin's Mines and failed, so I still got a target for the feature! BM gotta die I guess :)

Ancient log. It should stay just for the sake of nostalgy :P

2002/11/21 13:07, Axel: 
Ányone knows the logger?

2002/11/21 17:54, Stolb: 
w00t, i mean Wh000000000t?

rawking logsorz!

2002/11/21 19:53, Oseler: 
*an Orc* has arrived from the south riding a hungry warg - You are dead,*an Orc* smiles happily. - You are dead. There were some nice spam reduction features back then, I must say

2002/11/22 01:51, Jocke:   
That wasn't spam reduction, that was how it looked not long ago. The incap thing is quite new (who would ever notice when they become incap anyway?) and you never saw the killing blow since.. it killed you. Logical. God i hated incap when it was implemented. Was some great bug that made you lose the exp, trophy and wp since the victims blood lacked when incap and you didn't get anything for it.

2002/11/22 01:58, Jocke:   
And stolb, grow up! I simply H A T E kids trying to be tough wrinting the way you just did. It looks so silly it cracks me up. I thought onle 12 year olds with their first year at the computer were expressing themselves that way. Another kids term I really hate is 'noob'. There has not been any other word in the history of mankind that is more silly. People using it makes me think of a total nobody. *puke*

2002/11/22 09:55, Gray: 
8-0 Jocke, do you really think p(Stolb) gives a flying fuck about your (or almost anyone else's) opinion?

2002/11/22 15:26, Gefe: 
orcs could ride pack horses?

2002/11/22 17:38, Öseler: 
Seems that the orcs really did ride pack horses... . I hope some ancient mumers can explain that.

2002/11/22 20:34, Jocke:   
Gray, maybe he will in a couple of years when he is mature enough to underastand. :)

2002/11/24 08:49, Smasha: 

2002/11/25 23:41, Deor: 
It'd be cool if they brought back the simple YOU ARE DEAD rather than being incap. I especially liked this one:

You suddenly notice *Shag the Orc*.
You are dead!

2002/11/26 04:48, Johannes: 
Clip-clop... :-/

2002/11/27 00:06, Swork: 
Think you found it on lab page (also known as VRAK's MUME page), and there it was titled 'A log from Estonia'. So the logger had to be some Estonian... who, nobody knows still.

But about the 17 darkies in GH... when I first red this log 4 years ago, it was like 'WOW, 17 darkies!!!', now, its hm, quite many of em yeah, but SO?! :P So there's been some changing during past 4 years, back then 17 darkies seemed to me as SHITLOADS, now its like eh, normal hugegroup :).

As to keeping this log, then yea, it should stay, its classic!

2002/11/27 13:32, Porien: 
Swork, where have you seen 'a normal hugegroup' of 17 darkies last time ? :p

2002/11/27 21:06, Fredde: 
i loved the *blabla the blabla* has arrived from the west.
you are dead sorry...

2002/11/28 22:35, Swork: 
Last west raid? :P

2002/11/29 11:55, Stolb: 
No, Gray, you silly g00ffalo-n00b, w00t are you talking about?
I d0 pay attention to other people's opinion, why shouldn't i?
my deep apologizes to Jocke.

2002/12/16 20:03, Swork: 
Btw, any1 ever realized that this log might be a fake? Being an estonian myself, I wouldnt be much surprised if some estonian wrote such log :)

2002/12/17 01:20, Axel: 
dont you dare and disturb our illusions! :)

2003/01/23 08:07, Durcano: 
nope, it aint fake - i was one of those orcs there ;)

2003/07/07 10:45, Gorthauk: 
Wasnt that incident some bug that caused orcs to go osses well? Happened once i seem to remember long time ago.


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