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Hanse rocks (Hanse)back

2003/01/07 07:32, Deor: 
I liked it a lot better when you didnt see the last death blow, you just up and died out of nowhere :P

2003/01/07 23:03, Gray: 
Mercylinklesskill turned out suicide in the name of mercy? ROFL

2003/01/08 01:26, Drakmar:   
Funny.. did he sun later? :(

2003/01/08 22:27, Hate: 
This one was really fun :)

2003/01/09 20:53, Humala: 
Na I don't think he sunned, that's a guess tho.

2003/01/10 16:21, Rothom: 
* HP:Awful Mana:Burning Move:Slow *a Troll*:Bad>
Eowyn utters the words, 'qahijf gsfal'
Eowyn throws colours at *a Troll* who in vain tries to escape
Eowyn begins some strange incantations...

* HP:Awful Mana:Burning Move:Slow *a Troll*:Awful>
I'm guessing Eowyn killed the *troll*?

2010/04/25 00:36, Blake: 
Hate this 'last comment 6 years ago stuff'. Must be said, i liked the old style mume, in that anyone linkless was fair game, everyone knew it, and noone whined about it (much)


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