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Fordfighting.. (Zarc)back

2003/01/07 09:04, Devastator: 
Hehehe rocking to see old fights at ford what were REALLY FIGHTS... Ford is so boring now :)

2003/01/07 23:03, Gray: 
Heh but why all these 'exhausted' messages? It took too much moves to swim around ford back then or what?

2003/01/08 01:32, Drakmar:   
I can't recall a hugefight at ford, not one that ended liek this. Scary how much the darkies rocked em..

2003/01/08 03:39, Rogon:   
A flee when you couldn't flee per default gave a exhausted message, such as when you were riding and failed flee because of noride.

2003/01/11 00:52, Téar: 
This is so ugly.

2003/01/12 18:10, Ares: 
Lovely fight and whats more lovely is that look at theyr equipment? evryone were fighting in our terms called TOTAL shit :P but they fought and now evrything has turned into eqgreedy overkilling bullshit since Immortals have made it quite impossible to succeed without The BEST eq,levels whatever. Quite sad that mume has turned into such a SHIT.

2003/01/23 12:05, Britney: 

2003/02/14 21:51, Relim:   
Hoho, I'd forgotten about darkies fording! And it was but 10 rooms or so to hatch!

2003/07/03 13:51, Aldweth: 
does scrape die ? btw these must have been mume's golden years

2003/08/03 08:43, Skojardu:   
Well it was more fights in the open (huge fights) - and alot less trap pking like today.

I liked the days more - because if you wanted to pk you didnt have to go far (yeah i played alot of trolls and i just wanted to pk basicly) and not like today run all over arda just to see one flee like hell and spam away.

So in my eyes that period was alot more fun - but then again im an old fart :).

2003/08/05 12:36, Jocke:   
2003/02/14 21:51, Relim:
Hoho, I'd forgotten about darkies fording! And it was but 10 rooms or so to hatch!

No it wasn't. Hatch was close to canyon trail. Slab and hidden clearing was at the bend east of SSC on OER though. That was the main entrance at that time.

2006/02/03 01:28, Khazlam:   

2006/04/04 10:08, Klach: 
That's a lot of leather.


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