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2003/01/14 17:59, Temegl: 
I posted this, its not old old, but its a fun event that could have been more fun, and invokes nostalgia in some players who remember this ;)

2003/01/14 19:12, Devastator: 
Too bad I wanted see Muranog hit newbies at PPI hahahah :P

2003/01/15 02:01, Edvard: 
Hehehe... he woulda had to die in there though, since muranog dont hit mobs/doesnt get hit by mobs as far as i know, he'd probably just run after nazgum again *shrug*

2003/01/15 13:18, Gray: 
Yes! Yes! YESS! Exactly THE log for this part! I heard about it before, but never seen it :) Too bad Draught purged Mura, would been nice lesson for all the Management - don't f**king fix anything that isn't broken, especially using such unstable and possibly harmful solution!

Yes I died as Gray to Mura after that change, so yes I'm bitter :P

Besides, in log I was on like 5 moves - was going to map Lorien and that new Dagnir's place, just crossed Redhorn and decided to rest in Lorien, not goddamn meet any darkies AND Muranog there! 8) I moved like 2s and hid, being pretty sure either you or Mura would follow me and I die... but you didn't - thanks to ring, as I see now :)

2003/01/15 13:31, Thoron: 
*cry* after all tht work u put into it ...
tho some newbies woulda had mobbed if u had gotten him in bree.

2003/01/16 16:28, Alantir: 
Ah I was on as whitie at the time... There was some serious confusion on whitie side. :) Great log indeed.

2003/01/18 00:54, Joei:   
*Joei the Dwarf* yells 'RNSEANA MAT NS SS TAB ZSFB' wtf was i on ?

2003/01/21 15:41, Plancy: 
Hehe noname elf with Athela who was so lucky was Gul, I know him rl and he told they both were insanely amused:PP Too bad we couldn't see what Mura had done in Bree:(

2003/02/24 10:17, Shriek:   
It's a very entertaning time... Not sure how often we were all low, and had to convince muranog to start chasing again, cause he spammed himself moveless after Jamie!

2003/02/27 02:19, Drakmar:   
Once again, management ruins a possibly kickass experience.. :P

2003/05/14 18:31, Khozdul: 
It is things like that that makes MUME fun!

2003/08/08 10:33, Aureus:   
you ROCK!

2020/12/09 19:49, Axel:edited 1x   
I was just searching for this log all over Elvenrunes since I wanted to upload it to blast-from-the-past .. and then after ages I see - it is already here :> Mega classic !

Edited: Previous post more than 17 years ago - also classic :)


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