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Sometimes is all about the "Lady luck" (Kamikaze)back

2003/05/30 15:05, Mortis: 
* HP:Awful Move:Tired *Girion the Human*:Awful>
You hit *Girion the Human*'s body hard and shatter it.
You feel a strong ache there!

You are dead! Sorry...

Best part of the log ;)

2003/05/31 11:03, Jocke:   
Oh! A west warrens log. Nice! A genuine older log from an area long time gone. Holyelf before he changed his name and Girion before he moved back to the US? When was this? 96? 97?

2003/06/03 15:10, Bungo: 
I really liked those exitchecks while blinded :P

2003/06/04 04:42, Enforcer: 
hehe, 2 trolls died to 2 pukes in warrens :P, cute :)

2003/06/09 12:41, Edvard: 
You cannot flee in berserk mood.

2003/06/12 20:52, Hellraiser: 
Things like 'Creepy Crawlway', 'Crude Tunnel', 'Pale troglodyte' and 'boulders' bring back fuzzy memories...

2003/06/19 07:28, Reef: 
Woah! Thinking probably '97. That brought back a LOT of memories :)


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