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Donk and Drokk in West Priest (Donk)back

2003/09/11 20:59, Samurai:   
Ahhh, the old days, with no hit delay or move delay, when uber-linked swedes ruled Arda. I bet the times when you had to hit your action-assisted flee button before returning to insta-smite your foes were terrifying indeed.

2003/09/12 09:10, Gray: 
Ehe I remember this log - I have it in my collection as well :) Though I still don't understand why did sanced warrior in full thick ate so much damage... These were really wierd times, good they gone!

2003/09/12 12:03, Devastator: 
pray Is this a BUG? Missed 30 bashes on a blocked door

Seems this is an old problem :p

2003/09/12 15:52, Jocke:   
Ehe I remember this log - I have it in my collection as well :) Though I still don't understand why did sanced warrior in full thick ate so much damage... These were really wierd times, good they gone!

Low wil, low max hp, eats several bashes and spells and sanc dropps.

A lousy performance from the white pukes.

This is a log from when MUME was at it's peak. For me a true blast from the past. Rocking to read.

2003/09/12 16:32, Björn: 
I just hope they'll let me keep this one here =)

2003/09/13 14:52, Sardotjen:   
Rocking log... Btw was warsword artifact back then?

the great warsword (brand new)..It emits a faint humming sound!

2003/09/13 17:50, Björn: 
I thought a lot about that too. That faint humming sound is in other DikuMUDs =)

2003/09/13 19:13, Jocke:   
If I'm not all wrong I think weapons with 'magic' flag had the 'fain humming sound'. Even the Dark Curved Sword (now sadly changed to Dark Broadsword) had the same description I think. Somone please correct me if I'm wrong.

2003/09/14 11:08, Skojardu:   
I was one of the three that came after - 'old' uba pierce/shining/heal/bob/sanc 180 def warrior hehe :).

2003/09/14 16:50, Bagger:   
Lame stafflooter.

2003/09/17 11:58, Ragnus: 
I guess it was not the humming sound, but the fact that it was THE great warsword, THE now being reserved exclusively for artifact equipment.

Since, however, I saw 'the trained horse' in the log, too, I would assume it is just poor wording/grammar =)

2003/09/17 15:46, Ôstu:   
It might look nice, but that hit/flee smiting to avoid weapon delay hurts my eyes.

If MUME was at it's peak at that time (can't comment much, wasn't playing back then), then only because of more mature playerbase.

Game mechanics sucked :)

2003/09/19 21:38, Uther: 
The warsword was never an artifact. It has always been obtainable from GC. What did change from the past, however was:

1) used to load a lot more than it does today.
2) would hit once per round, instead of today's 150% crap.
3) caused considerably more damage then, than it does now.
4) always hummed (in the past, that is).

Oh yeah...and no 'approach' or 'melee' back in those days. :P

2003/09/21 20:11, Nazgum: 
The action was a lot faster back then but the damage was a LOT less.

Shy was a caster, and go check how many smites he survived from donk's warsword, even took one from bad to awful, then another from awful to awful and still alive.

And donk with all his armor removed only lost 100 hps from the 2 rounds with pukes.

I like those mechanics a lot better personally, fast and less damage is more fun then slow and lots of damage.

2003/09/23 05:02, Sogard:   
That hit-fleeing with smite was just wicked, I can only imagine mume without approach or melee/los.

2003/09/30 16:28, Mishaak: 
This was the peak of MUME, both for game mechanics and playerbase. Old smite: give me a warsword and two rooms, and I will fear no casters.

2003/09/30 16:31, Mishaak: 
Also note Donk's hps: 393 looks like a low max for an orc hitter these days, but back then it was a huge number. :)

2003/10/17 11:08, Shadrach: 
Correction Mishaak! YOU would fear the UBERDEFENCE clerics! Dalrond and hmmm well yall know em but Dalrond was a M O N S T E R! Ghosty's terminator!

2003/10/18 21:10, Daevia: 
Donk was a bob warrior too.

If I recall correctly, he had rather low con.


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