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Day in the life of MUME V/VI (Scrappy)back

2003/09/16 09:47, Axel: 
Pretty well-known log from the kth site I guess - the output actually is horrible - well you decide if it belongs here...

2003/09/16 10:26, Rogon:   
I love this 'log' :) Although you can read it on some board on mume too.

2003/09/16 12:00, Jocke:   
There are several logs similar to this one made at about the same time. Anyone knows where to find them?

2003/09/16 16:05, Gray: 
Hey are you ppl mad? A log from tales board gets 6/7 votes to be on blast - why not copy the whole board here? :P

2003/09/16 19:21, Devastator: 
Well actually this one made me rofl when I did read it 2 years ago :p

2003/09/16 21:40, Axel: 
Gray, you comment did not contain any usable argument - please tell why this should not be blast-from-the-past.

2003/09/17 00:06, Daevia: 
Mume would be infinitely more fun with more players like Gangee.

*pines for times long forgotten*

2003/09/17 04:54, Pilois:   
This log is already on tales is visible in mume and at already

2003/09/17 07:46, Deor: 
So what if it's visible elsewhere, things aren't permanent especially on the internet. This log has always rocked, I wish we were still in mume 6, with all the mume 6 players rather than today's whiny snot-nosed preteens who need more hugs from mommy but instead they go to mume to ruin my day. FUCKFACE FUCKFACE FUCKFACES.

Anyone know what happened to Scrape?

2003/09/17 21:58, Razoor: 
Someone says 'look we know how this game works better than you do, even though we dont play it' <-- *chuckle* This is SO true :)

2003/09/17 22:50, Eothen:   
Last I heard Scrape had left MUME for another mud. (Burning?)

2003/09/18 08:50, Falemir:   

2003/09/19 08:31, Uber: 
Deor, I'm pretty someone (Enforcer?) established with iron-clad evidence that Scrape was Longo, and we know what happened to him.

2003/09/19 09:22, Grunge: 
Scrape rocked and so did Gangee.
I miss Elegil and all those norwegian punks that used to play...gimilkhad....oh so many have come and left and now I see only new faces with immature attitudes.

what may have happenned though is that all those dudes grew up and moved on and i got stuck here!! hehe

2003/09/19 10:48, Traedwhyl: 
Hehe, at least there was as much : immature teens - silly gods - crashes... by then than now, if I believe this 'log', so quit whining about it now *nod self*

2003/09/19 11:46, Elrik: 
this made me laugh ahh the old memories comming back

Meryaten has another rl problem she wants to share with everyone

we got alot of those nowadays :)

2003/09/22 09:28, Rza:   
deor is right, mume 6 players were great, now all we have is FUCKFACES

2003/09/22 16:37, Roadkill: 
Why on earth would this log not be in here? Fyi, this is the one piece of brilliance that ALWAYS cracks me up when I read it. It would instantly get my vote for Best MUME Board Post Ever.

And how I miss those times. :-(

2003/09/23 05:01, Sogard:   
My god, this is so damn funny. I only wish I would've been around for such times..

Killing the Dunadan Ranger is illegal. We all play this mud to be good aligned, and since doing otherwise would be non roleplayish, and also due to the fact that we can make you play how we like, I am going to have to put you on elbereths list for 10 years. Be warned of further such killings in the future.

*gig* Maedhros

2003/09/23 07:42, Marillion: 
Wow wtf sogard you really are wise. you don't really have to copy paste an entire page from this log, we are able to read it. (most of us). but i actually find myself agreeing for the first time with you. it was funny

2003/09/23 15:23, Azazello: 
maedhros didnt change, did he ? :)

2003/09/23 18:33, Sogard:   
You missed my point marillion, but aza got it. ;)

2003/09/24 17:08, Marillion: 
How could i miss your point? I still see no point in copypasting an entire page.

2003/09/27 21:26, Guido: 
5 lines is not an entire page *spank Marillion*

2003/09/29 16:39, Mishaak: 
I remember when this was first posted, I thought I was going to pass out from laughing so much. It still cracks me up; that bit about Slayer is SO right on it's scary, right down to him inserting his bindings for 'rem hide/wield warsword' into the text editor (as well as the line about Glorfindel/Petrel). Thanks for posting it here, Axel!

2003/09/30 05:17, Jocke:   
I think the similar one with Gothmog multyplaying in it, is a lot more fun. Anyone has it?

2006/03/01 15:15, Fingolan: 
was this log title taken from the beatles song a day in the life?

2006/04/28 21:30, Bungo: 
Btw, what did happen to Longo? (whatever it was, it did happen while i was completely away from mume and er, so im quite curious if Longo really was Scrape's char.) And yeah, FUCKFACES! I want those times back, NOW!

2006/12/02 00:37, Shwash: 
Heh, I remember when Scrape was still a newbie and I got to lead him around for a lot of xp (and unfortunately to his many mobdeaths while buffing for me *blush*).

Later he learned the game very well and became one of the great leaders :) Time flies!

2006/12/26 02:31, Gluaksh:   
Scrape got a bit pissed when they deleted a version of TestMUME along with his mortal, instead of transferring the mortal to the game. I'm guessing that ever since then he's been neglecting his MUME career in favor of that 'RL' stuff. I think it was '99 or so...


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