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2003/12/10 03:38, Djinn: 
I was reading some blast of the past logs and I found Rogon commenting on some other log about this one. Thought it was pretty funny and remembered that it was posted as 'unknown' on, so looked it up and posted.

2003/12/10 09:13, Gray: 
LOL, yes, it's like mirror of 'Fuerte meets Human' log :)

2003/12/10 10:37, Devastator: 
Quite funny when I first did read this :P

2003/12/11 19:56, Smasha: 
Heh, ah the good times *daydream*

2003/12/11 20:02, Andróg:   

2003/12/11 20:46, Kril:   
The worst part is, if this were to happen in current MUME, both parties would suffer huge demotion. :( Even though this could really happen. Why wouldn't an orc let a weak human go if he just gives him what he wants? Not like he or Sauron will gain anything out of the kill other then what the orc wanted in the first place.

2003/12/17 17:32, Bruise: 
Oooh, burn... Kril has a point.

2003/12/18 05:55, Urkghash: 
Kril, because it's fun to abuse power, don't try to use logic on the immortals! Fun log though

2003/12/19 16:53, Seldaran: 

2003/12/30 20:26, Alantir: 
Nice. :)

2004/01/04 23:05, Rayden:   

2004/01/13 09:39, Pampalini:   
Gotta agree with Kril. Rule no. 1 for Mume justice today is: fun=demote. And gods that dont cheat as mortals are not fun and they dont understand real fun ;-)

2004/01/16 20:36, Amras:   
Leavin xp like dat...what a shame!

2004/04/06 20:54, Marillion: 
Roflmao. Now that's stylepoints!

2004/04/16 14:18, Kifur:   
now that's what i call roleplaying:P can't rp nowadays much, because it's considered as cheating...

2006/08/30 07:25, Lob:   
Who's the *Man* ? LMAO

2008/07/27 10:11, Svinomar: 
Kril fo prez!

2008/12/09 21:21, Dundan: 
Anything that you can do through roleplaying without breaking obvious things (like letting someone kill you, etc), should be allowed.

I'm surprised as how thoroughly squished politics on mume have been. I run a large online community, and keeping people in line is a struggle. And rightly so. As a leader, when you demote someone, it needs to be done publicaly, with well-reasoned and publically available reason, and with agreement between multiple immos/etc.

Part of me still lives in fear that something in-character and fun will somehow crazily be construed as cheating by some immo, and they'll demote all my characters to level 1. Living in fear, ESPECIALLY around things like roleplaying, isn't good for one's 'game'...


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