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2004/01/06 23:10, Edvard: 
hehe well posted by me.. didnt know how to handle the upload system *nod self*

2004/01/06 23:53, Edvard: 
Perhaps its not so funny if you dont remember it from, i do so its mostly nostalgic =/

2004/01/07 01:03, Polly: 
*rolls on the floor*

2004/01/07 04:19, Relim:   
Still ranks as one of the most hilarious logs ever imho :P I remember reading this the first time and had tears streaming down my face :P

2004/01/07 12:45, Devastator: 
Rofl :P

2004/01/07 22:35, Fieldy:   
Real fun log! *lol*

2004/01/07 23:57, Andróg:   
Lets see... we got scrolls, rocks, artefacts, getting away from overkill crew, living through a lagburst, an awful-awful ending and most importantly we got a mighty lowbie! A 10-star log indeed.

2004/01/07 23:58, Andróg:   
*peer Andróg*

It's simply a nice log, no point starting babbling like that.

2004/01/08 19:21, Rogon:   
Is androg answering androg? :)

2004/01/08 20:37, Edvard: 
My gollum-detector just went of

*beep beep beep*

2004/01/08 23:34, Andróg:   
No I am not! I am answering to Andróg, not Andróg. Can't you see the difference, Rogon?!

2004/01/09 08:31, Bagger:   
I see we have a case for the mental-hospital.

2004/01/09 14:40, Sardotjen:   
Haha this was the cutest log I've ever read =)

2004/01/09 14:45, Kerstin: 
Ehe, really was quite fun :D

2004/01/10 14:32, Xury: 
Androg's trying to be like me... :D
BTW this log was funny as hell

2004/01/12 01:48, Deimus: 
1, 0%, #Hairfoot

2004/01/15 19:23, Kaool:   

2004/01/16 22:35, Biik:   
I don't see the humor in it.

2004/01/17 22:04, Aschit: 
Ok, so did anyone ever figure out what was up with the guy? No newbie even knows about Morgul Blade. Was he multiplaying and got his chars mixed up?

2004/01/17 23:50, Gray: 
Aschit: eh you kidding? He've read HELP PRAY and copypasted so-called 'good prays' :P

2004/01/19 22:17, Pedrag: 
Laugh Aschit.
The log itself is superb as are most of the comments :D

2004/01/20 15:02, Andróg:   
I'm glad you understand it Bagger. The Andróg dude is clearly gone over the line and should be put into some quiet windowless room, although the Andróg dude is still sane as he disagrees with Andróg. I't all about the insane Andróg.

2004/01/27 03:16, Filk:   
read 4 the 4th time now, still makes me laugh. Perfect timing of prays too :P.

2004/02/07 01:51, Conspiracy:   
Yes, extremly funny log, one of the best!

2004/07/25 01:12, Johannes: 
For some reason I ended up here (bored at work)... it still cracks me up! People are looking at me funny :D

2004/09/15 14:11, Goretongue: 
ehhh good stuff!@

2005/03/14 16:22, Kogan: 
What does this mean?


2005/03/20 18:16, Narlah: 
buahhahahahahahaha :)

2006/03/17 14:56, Aikios:   
Edvardo sei gayo! :D

2006/08/30 07:22, Lloth:   
ROFL Squib

2006/12/20 23:16, Ethar: 
hahaha :D first time i read this it was funny, and it was still pretty funny this time thanks for reposting.


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