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2004/02/07 10:21, Andróg:   
hehehe.... Somewhy people in hugegroups always think that 'someone' is revealing anyway, so I won't bother.

2004/02/07 20:53, Stolb: 
Why would anyone flush in ooc? It's not like thieves spamrunking around there. Or was it different in those ages?

2004/02/07 21:01, Andróg:   
I think there has even been a log on ER of another Smrtihlav-group of 10 walking around bree and 2 of them (bns) get stabbed dead in row. ;)

2004/02/07 22:46, Belog: 
Ahem..1998...flushing? revealing? Had this then already been implemented?

2004/02/08 05:22, Roadkill: 
You didn't show the wps. :-(


2004/02/08 09:07, Luke: 
hehe remember that one, i don't remember anyone else did this back in those days, p(Vasquez) ofcourse rocked hard there

2004/02/08 09:08, Smrtihlav: 
and yeah who cares about bns? they are just thief-magnet, so i don't need to cure self!

2004/02/08 23:15, Jocke:   
Androg, Stolb - there was nothing like flushing or revealing in MUME VI.

2004/02/09 00:55, Devastator: 
Heh, very nice :)

2004/02/09 18:30, Galdor: 
1 Vasquez the Human Thief.
2 Lup the Elf Magic User.
3 Shag the Orc Scout.
4 Agent the Elf Magic User.
5 Raz the Elf Magic User.
6 Fingeror the Elf Cleric.
7 Cyrano the Human Thief.
8 Diamonium the Orc Shaman.
9 Snuttan the Orc Shaman.
10 Zim the Hobbit Warrior.

2004/02/10 01:18, Sogard:   
Heh, very nice. I thought that back when there were vis wps, that when someone died, it said something like: You've gained X WPs.

2004/02/10 07:39, Kaput:   
Well was nice true.
But i belive the one where Vasquez and Cyrano doing similar thing in sage-caves vs 2 trolls was better.

2004/02/10 08:51, Kaput:   
Link to log i meant.
[submitted link]

2004/02/10 09:14, Andróg:   

The log in link is CRAZY. Were trolls severely underpowered those days, or were those trolls 101% clueless or whAt?

2 whitie scouts literally eating trolls for dinner... *erm*

But, besides that... the days with no RULES NAMES.. heheeheee

You see some tracks of *CrapMan the Troll* leading east.

2004/02/10 09:21, Kaput:   
Dont remember but dont think trolls where ologs yet(Both range lvl 17-19 or so). And both ate stab. Cyrano enters on vasquez fighting Crapman who had just eaten a stab, then stabs Behemoth.
Behemoth was pMrBurns who was frequently on warlords so no not clueless. 'though he appeared to be if u ask me :)'

2004/02/10 09:22, Kaput:   
Another fun log at Vraks old site
[submitted link]

2004/02/10 09:34, Kaput:   
And yet again nice fun link.
[submitted link]

dont remember if its posted on blasts.

2004/02/10 09:43, Andróg:   
Those are both already on Blast. Try the 'page down' button ;)

2004/02/10 09:51, Kaput:   
Well i searched on titles and logmaker and got nothing thats why i didnt bother to go through page by page.

2004/02/10 15:03, Azazello: 
There IS only one page...

2004/02/10 15:05, Andróg:   
Wrong Azazello! ;)

By now there's already 3 logs on SECOND page too.

2004/02/10 19:58, Devastator: 
I'm missing this in MUME now:

You thorougly examine your keyring to find a key that fits the lock.

Nice message :)

2004/02/12 04:06, Lookhu: 
cool I'm in this log :)

2004/02/12 20:58, Sharon:   
(Sharon) Yeah, Lookhu, me too! I smote you good, biatch! Love how I was asking for a bob to help me whet my war mattock... back when those fuckers did more dam than warswords.

2004/02/12 23:21, Pedrag: 
Hehe, Aschits narrates in that Trolls-die-in-Red-Horn-cave log are cool :P

2004/04/23 07:26, Kaput:   
Btw, Checking my old logs i notiched having later part of the Trolls in redhorn log seen as troll. From CrapMan being like wounded or bad. Not long though :)

2004/04/23 07:53, Kaput:   
Also whoever said Trolls seemed clueless. Sure but as i said we where lowbies 'Think lvl 17-19ish. Thats why Cyrano only made aprox 94k xp for both kills. 46k for Behemoth and 47k CrapMan.


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