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Oldschool Dragon! (*lost*)back

2004/04/14 05:15, Uber: 
Just been getting pissed at playerbase lately and checkin up on older logs... Rashnak as mortal, and of course Gangee! Thought it might be worth posting :p

2004/04/14 08:32, Org: 
I used to xp with Gangee when i was a young dwarf!

2004/04/14 10:29, Sardotjen:   
Poor Simon :>

2004/04/14 15:02, Gorthauk: 
I'm in this log,howl.

2004/04/14 15:12, Iluvator:   
This is an old one...that's for sure but nothing special about it.

2004/04/14 16:13, Filk:   
wats the difference with new dragon then. I only play 2 years now.

2004/04/14 18:53, Uber: 
Jason don't be such a wiener, I already said these logs were just for something to read, I don't need you on every log restating that fact for whatever reason. Besides, it makes you look silly and redundant.

2004/04/14 19:22, Sogard:   
Dragon looked like it had more hp maybe. Other than that I can't tell.

Gandor utters the words, 'fireball'
Gandor smirks as his fireball explodes into the face of Mithnaur the Dragon

thought it was gonna end right after that. :P

2004/04/14 19:22, Deor: 
luv Gangee logs

2004/04/14 20:06, Iluvator:   
Then dont post logs that are redundant? You're comments are full of interesting comments...such as 'This log is interesting.' followed by 'Oh yeah, great log.' I fail to see why you resort to attempted flames when you repeat yourself more then a stuck record.

This section of logs is for 'Blast from the Past' logs. There should be a reason why these are considered to be the 'cream of the crop' from old versions of MUME. I don't see why any of the ones you posted fall into that category. Post them on Other Logs if they are just for reading then, I don't care there but this section has a purpose.

2004/04/14 20:42, Uber: 
In case you haven't noticed Iluvator, Blast from the Past logs are posted for the benefits of those who both haven't had an opportunity to see what the previous MUME's were like, and for those who want to look back and reflect on how it was. I never touch the comments in the log, any and all comments are done by the creator of the logs.
I think it brings a smile to a lot of the older readers seeing old names.
I'm not sure how far you go back, but unless you can appreciate the nostalgia of these logs and the players in them, you shouldn't really comment.
Don't blame me for starting the flames. I should almost take it as a personal attack. You rarely comment or post logs or are actually active, then suddenly you come out of the woodworks and rattle off some nonchalant but negative comments, not on one, but all three logs? Hmm looks kind of personal to me.
You want some room to critize logs and where they should go? How about posting some yourself.

2004/04/15 06:35, Iluvator:   
In case you didnt notice, one of the logs you posted did have one of my trolls in it. So, by your own judgement, I have been around that log and can remember some pretty old stuff. Just because I can remember it, and appreciate it, doesnt mean I post logs about every little feature that has changed since then. You posted logs...fine. I didn't know you posted them all, and I personally dont care. I still say that Blast from the Past logs should be saved for those logs that truely capture something special from the old MUME and since none of these logs did that, I fail to see why they should be posted here and I voiced my opinion. You dont like it, fight the freedom of speech.

I never said comments in the log, I said comments. In case you haven't noticed, comments are those things left by people who log in on ER and write things below the log about stuff in the logs. I comment when I feel I should, and in all of these cases, I felt I should say why I don't think they belong in the Blast from the Past area of ER.

This will be my last post about this issue because its not only worthless to argue this point, but it also uses time that I should be doing something actually constructive. You seem to be the only person who has an issue with me saying something about the logs, so it's apparently something only you have an issue about.

2004/04/15 08:08, Andróg:   
I think the solution to this Uber vs Iluvator rumble is rather simple...

Iluvator, if you don't like them, PLEASE ignore them and don't read them. :)

2004/04/15 11:03, Axel: 
Iluvator got the point though. Just because there are some old names in a log with some caps in the middle is just one minor reason out of many for a log to be here. I agree there are some logs in this section, which do not really deserve to be here and once I feel like going through them, some logs will have to go. Remember the section name 'Blast(!) from the past'.

2004/04/15 14:41, Andróg:   
Still, Axel...

I've always understood the logs posted here are 'Nominees' for being a Blast. Noone said they are a Blast before they get voted to stay on the page. Then, and only then, we could call the log(s) a Blast. Til then the log is simply another log. So, I'd agree with Iluvator's whining only if some PointlessLogX would get a permanent position here on Blast. Then we could bring up the discussion, whether the log really is a Blast or not, but not before.

2004/04/15 14:42, Andróg:   
PS. green Forum looks so... unusual and ... funny. ;)

2004/04/15 16:25, Iluvator:   
The way elections work is you discuss the canidate, and then vote..not just put them into office and then discuss if they are good or not. Discussion needs to happen before and after the fact.

2004/04/17 09:03, Khebram: 
Bean utters the words, 'harm'
Bean slowly fades into existence.
---> Bug, Feature or what?

2004/04/17 14:09, Evan:   
Khebram, fading into existence when 'invis' ran off. Dont remember if it does to for shroud now.
Beside that this log is not much different beside names than any other dragon.
And blodlacking

(ok they changed fireball muddle on dragon)

2004/05/16 09:24, Devastator: 
Hmmm this sounds like admincensor (tm) *fears Axel* :p

2004/06/13 03:57, Phantasm: 
Reading this brings back alot of old memories... like the first time i killed something... first pk... (etc)

2006/09/12 20:32, Winzy: 
I actually think that the fireball muddle was like that when you cast it on everything back in the old days... Colour spray has the nicest one though:D


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