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Weird backstab (Gabriel)back

2004/05/25 09:33, Öseler: 
I found it from and thought that it was woth posting.

2004/05/25 11:10, Shalani: 
loooooooooooooooool ! ;-P
is riding cross-side char still possible or did they change the ride command since then ? ! (Not speaking of sneaking/stabbing while rided by someone, being stabbed by the one you fol/ride etc !)

2004/05/25 11:11, Rik: 
Copying logs from is not so nice.

2004/05/25 11:34, Öseler: 
It has been done before (copying), and I see no harm in it, when the source and original poster are poined out.

2004/05/25 15:01, Sardotjen:   
Hehe, sneaking up on someoene who is riding on your back and then stabbing them is... A FUCKING LAUGH HAHA

2004/05/25 17:02, Deimus: 
Funny as hell, post on Others. Just because the RWCS are still seperated and there are no exit designations doesn't mean it should be here!

2004/05/25 17:08, Andróg:   

2004/05/25 17:58, Otto:   
you could also follow crossrace too then right?

2004/05/26 02:31, Sogard:   
I wish I had the skill to backstab someone riding me! :)

2004/05/26 06:37, Marillion: 
I think this one fits this place well, why not upload it?

2004/05/28 18:36, Lehto:   
This thing happened to my scout when i was a warlord with fullset + scrolls and stuff. Rid furfoot and rested on him. Only difference is i died in it and furfoot got tons of free wps.

2004/05/31 17:18, Iomene: 
I'm very surprised that Furfoot never told me this story.

2004/06/02 18:13, Rokko:   
Yeah, fol orc, and stab it to death :P

2004/09/24 09:02, Amras:   

2004/11/05 19:33, Kaool:   
Back in Mume III, you could back ride a warg driven by an *Orc* as puke... I remember backriding Snarf with my elf once :P

Snarf giggled ... patted me on the head ... then killed me a couple chuckles later rather quickly...


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