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First Balrog ever (Feor)back

2004/06/14 08:45, Snakr:   
Read and cry Antar and Bogger:P

2004/06/14 13:00, Shaukr: 
If they dont know what Balrog loads, I wanted to see the response to the shining etc loot!

2004/06/14 16:34, Björn: 
No sanc, no berserk, no fleeing balrog, no fun?

2004/06/14 16:39, Snakr:   
Was sanc...just old carefully:P

2004/06/14 20:21, Stolb: 
Balrog did try to flee, but got spammed miserably. was prolly lagged.
#Unknown Player in trophy rock tho.

2004/06/14 21:18, Uriond: 
Why would Antar and Bogger cry?

2004/06/15 07:09, Snakr:   
good old rogge spammers cant do it anymore, i just wanted to tease em!

2004/06/15 13:44, Shaukr: 
Mmmm, see how easily a group of people that now almost nothing about balrog can kill it...

Best part of log is seeing all the artifacts and wormhides!

2004/06/15 13:57, Iluvator:   
I'd cry with them since if I could do balrog with a bunch of clericwars with 130 ob and not berserk even with whip, it would make things easier to find a full group and be able to do.

2004/06/15 15:02, Monster: 
UlfEkman, cute names

2004/06/16 19:31, Ringmir: 
Mmmmmm, using a shield and staff at same time *Drool*
Did anyone else notice he didn't have an fgc?

2004/06/16 19:32, Andróg:   
So, no loot in the first time, or I missed it?

2004/06/17 01:56, Lehto:   
Pretty much noone used fgc at that time. Always bwf for warriors and grey cloak for others.

2004/06/17 04:16, Sogard: 
Wasn't suprised to see Huor was in the group..

Wonder if he lead the whole thing. Would be pretty lame if so, but man.. the power of those chars.. 130 ob sanc/armor/shield/bless/strength people with weapon staff and shield..

2004/06/17 11:10, Atastor: 
I cant imagine that Huor had any intimate knowledge in advance of doing it.

2004/06/17 18:04, Andróg:   
Neither has Sogard, Atastor.

Sogard, ever occured to you that Dain was not always an A?

2004/06/18 03:03, Moortek: 
Wp: 67.


2004/06/18 05:58, Rashnak: 
Besides, that round was done without the rings. It was sometime later that some people, including Fror's mortal, did it with the ring quest.

2004/06/19 12:50, Uther: 
Androg, in 1996 (that's when I believe this log is from), Dain was
definitely an A already...

2004/06/24 03:16, Sogard:   
Dain has always been a pretty high level ainu from what I've seen of some old logs.

Also, wasn't Moria made by Dain? With the Balrog being his pride and joy? If not, I blame Nienor for false information!

In all fairness, wasn't the first session of a nokill balrog only ended when uor lead a group and died horribly? Hope it happens again soon if that was the case. :)

2004/06/24 09:29, Marillion: 
I don't get your point Sogard I can make that char today. 130 ob sanc heal shield armour and strength.

2004/06/24 18:49, Marillion: 
The problem now is that u don't get 60 db like they could then:P

2004/06/25 06:43, Blip:   
In older days you would been able to wear 2x iron rings or rubyrings (+10 ob), wich both gave 10DB at those times.

2004/06/28 03:01, Sogard:   
You'd also need more levels now for it to work than then, as this log took place back when practicing outside of your guild didn't hurt %'s right? :)
youi also had a '3rd arm' back then blip, Weapon+staff+shield.

2004/06/28 08:12, Ajax: 
You couldn't wear two rings at time Balrog was made, and hadn't been able to for several years.

2004/07/01 07:42, Andróg:   
Erm, Sogard? Wasn't the third arm only useable for lanterns?

2004/07/02 01:12, Rashnak: 
No, when you became level 21, you made a staff, even if you were a warrior. Because you could wield a weapon and hold a shield and a staff at the same time. Of course if you were lowbie, you held a red ruby or a lantern instead of staff.

2004/07/02 09:32, Blip:   
Nod, staff rocked for purewarriors...cure light only costed like 4 mana!

2004/08/13 15:31, Rahz: 
like you Blip have played long enough to babble about it here :P

2004/09/10 07:49, Serek:   
I guess, soon someone gonna post the last also :)

2004/09/22 14:46, Zeus:   
Not to mention the fact that you couldnt choose your stats....

And yeah sanc was lev 13 spell and thus you needed only wis 16 to prac it so were lotsa warriors with high strength and 2nd stat wis so they could sanc and use leathers/ old days...wish i had played more those days...i was only very green back then :)

2004/10/29 20:44, Enforcer: 
hehe, funny to see dain so excited :P
warlord list is cool too.:(

2004/11/15 12:25, Rik: 
Anyone post last Balrog ever?

2005/01/29 19:04, Amras:   

2005/04/07 20:12, Naralón:   
It's Norwegians :D

2005/06/13 15:25, Jocke:   
If you make a caster staff with max parry today, it will have exactly the same stats as a bej+staff combo back then. There was even a transition period when the staves were made by merging shields and old staves together, giving the new staff their combines stats. The staff + shield combo wasn't exactly overpowered. I imagine that a caster today wouldn't be to pleased about the combined weigth of the two items. Back then you mostly wore plain clothes aswell, unless you were a pure warrior, in that case you wore thick metal.

2006/01/02 21:13, Cocke:    -Tempus- 
But plz

2006/08/30 07:39, Gornak:   
Ecthelion Rocked in this log

2006/11/18 22:31, Razoor: 
Why did Dain get so excited when he himself made the mob?

2008/08/26 00:36, Telessar:   
Lehto: Did people stop wearing fine greys/bwfs because it fell out of 'style' or was it because FGCs got better? Or because BOB got downgraded etc.

2016/12/07 09:24, Slampen: 
Bumping this because I miss the days :)


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