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Vertamen dies in Hidden Clearing (Katarina)back

2006/07/14 01:20, Manatark: 
Whoa, this log pretty much has everything classic - ugly spell messages, what names playing!, clearing fighting...

2006/07/14 02:58, Caesar: 
Cool, check out that map. Any date on this log? Or what MUME version?

2006/07/14 03:37, Aschit: 
Old spell messages, the old walk out/into spell feature, an Aschit narrate...I like it!

Not sure which version, but it's after Moria at least. Maybe Mume 7? What version are we on now? :P

2006/07/14 15:38, Björn: 
Should be MUME VI
*Katarina the Elf*

2006/07/15 06:30, Belamir: 
Any oldbies explain the significance of this Hidden Clearing place? Was it just a pk-active place for whatever reason, like Brolg and Slag are today?

I really liked the log, by the way.. one of the more 'complete' old logs I've seen so far.

2006/07/15 07:49, Fingolan: 
very nice and very dated...4 stars for meee

2006/07/15 13:34, Devastator: 
This is a classic. It was MUME VI or even V, I started playing in May 1999, just a little before MUME VII.

2006/07/15 16:42, Vardamir: 
I remember Hum, he had a namechange to Ishgral that eventually decayed (?). He was still active when I started in -98.
He was probably one of the legends that were most helpful at that time, along with Photon.

Loved the log.

2006/07/15 16:44, Vardamir: 
Oh, and he had that legendhome in NOC above the salamanders (currently located in west NOC). His home is gone now though.

2006/07/16 04:39, Aschit: 

Hidden Clearing was (long ago) entrance to warrens. Notice how close to ford it was, and consider the nature of old ford (see other logs here), and you'll see why it was often an exciting place.

I remember once losing link there, and some bn tried to kill me linkless. He ended up dying because he was so focused on his free kill that he got whacked by another puke. I remember logging back onto Mume and seeing I got a trophy and wps instead of a death :)

2006/07/19 10:27, Grotek: 
Man, I would have loved to play during thouse days... rocking log...

I mean... look at thouse moves:
200/200 hit, 121/127 mana and 163/163 moves.

2006/07/21 22:33, Devastator: 
MUME V got reinstalled on the test server once and I played it... but I must say I'm really a 'constant regeneration' player. I had a hard time being a decent player :)

2006/07/24 05:12, Uther: 
Ohhh, the stats...200/200 hit, 127/127 mana and 163/163 moves is something to be feared. That and the fact that he casts sanct just as easily as he spams fireballs, or stores sprays. Oh yeah, and the walking out/into spells is fun as well ;)

Seriously miss those simpler, happier days...

2006/07/25 05:32, Deor: 

Man I miss mume 6.

2006/07/25 05:34, Deor: 
Heh this log was recorded the day before I started Deor :)

Approximately created 17 Oct 1997.

2006/07/25 16:56, Samurai:   
I did like playing then, but it was brutal on players with inferior link. No hit delay, spells and hit rounds were faster, no move delay between rooms. I remember on several occasions trapping a Swede in a room with 3 people spamming close door, and they could get out, because with the old flee system you got a flee attempt for each time you typed 'flee.' Hence, if Swede types 'open door, flee' the flee would go through easily before any of your slowass American friends could close the door. They also used clients to continue fleeing until it went through, something that was utterly worthless for Americans because the roundtrip time from when your client first entered 'flee' to when it got the negative response was usually more than a second.

Needless to say hit-fleeing as a Swede (especially with smite) was insane. You could enter, hit, flee before an American could even hit you, let alone cast a spell. I'd love to see Mume VI run on a machine in Idaho, we would own. The changes have attracted a lot of talented US/Canadian players.

2006/07/28 10:40, Evan:   
I dont quite get why this should be so special.

2006/07/28 17:35, Devastator: 
Blast of the past is not the most special log, it's a blast of the past.

2006/08/01 18:39, Evan:   
Well. Devastator its easy to find better hidden clearing logs around even including on elvenrunes...

[submitted link]

[submitted link]
Or a clasic like hugefight hc-bend. [submitted link]
So for me it would have had to be better than the one posted to have a reason to be on elvenrunes blast from the past.

2006/08/30 22:01, Fankil: 
Tukaar had the home behind elfhide, above west-noc salamanders, 1s of waterhole (same player?).

This was a hilarious, imo: * R Mana:Hot>shout FAN ATT JAG MISSA 1.HUM!!

I too remember Hum, he was a really helpful. Once when I made a major screwup somewhere on ABR he went nuts on me though. I guess I deserved it. :P

2006/09/06 07:22, Iomene: 
Hum was renamed Inghraz, no?

This is pretty much exactly when I started playing I think.

2006/09/30 03:48, Echo: 
this log needs a wormhide, the trans narrates were cute though

2006/10/01 05:30, Vertamen: 
I died, but at least I got a harm in!

2006/11/03 15:53, Steoadsawoeifn:   
KhelekDur narrates 'can anyone enchant for me?'

kheldur played back then? giggle

but erika did :D

2006/12/19 15:22, Belog: 
Most funny of all is the comments on the first of the logs Evan links to, if you take into account that this linked log was posted seven years ago ;)

2008/02/18 15:58, Katarina:   
Odd, I was thinking about reposting some of my old MUME VI logs and decided to look at the old logs here (my first log reading since 2005 or so).
This was hardly one of my best logs, but it was fairly early in my pk career, when I learnt a lot just by being in the same room as some of the then best PKers at KTH.
It is also interesting to look back at how my client settings have evolved over the years.


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