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Macros and Nubis vs. Orodreth (Orodreth)back

2007/03/28 16:31, Devastator: 
Pretty much a nice fight :) blast-of-the-past in my eyes, not ancient but still 6 years old...

2007/03/28 16:37, Lehto:   
I don't consider 2001 to be 'blast from the past'

2007/03/28 16:41, Lehto:   
I mean that's over half way through MUME VII. I wouldn't accept anything after april '99 since that's when the most radical changes ever were made.

2007/03/28 17:02, Force:   
My old lab gets pwned, some three years after I left it! Stragglers!

Got to agree with Dill-Lehto though, the look and feel of the game has not changed much since -01.

2007/03/28 17:29, Belamir: 
Gorgeous gorgeous log, but it's sadly true that little of note has changed with the game mechanics since this log took place.

2007/03/28 18:43, Orodreth:  edited 2x   
Hm, to quote the introduction to this section:
'A section for the most interesting, funny and skillfull logs. Those
stories which everyone wants to remember.
A group of people will vote for a log being good enough to stay.'

If it's supposed to be M6 and before only, please remove this log. I considered it from the 'past' since all of the participants were fairly well known back in the day, and none of us play the game anymore.

2007/03/28 18:59, Caesar: 
True, true, but the instant scrolls have gotta be worth something.

2007/03/29 01:11, Telessar:   
Just saw this on a few weeks ago- loved it. I'd say that this should be in this section :)

2007/03/29 03:50, Mhoghedin: 
WOW. What a great twist. Fricken amazing log to read, but maybe not old enough! No Clip clops!

2007/03/30 11:12, Woland: 
This happened to be the log i personally learned a lot on years ago. :-) I can not vote, i'am biased! =)

2007/03/30 16:10, Fieldy:   
I find it a bit nostalgic, a bit more skillful then other logs and a bit more entertaining. Comments are nice aswell.

2007/03/30 22:59, Squints: 
I say allow it!

2007/04/03 13:19, Karotten: 
Ahh god I miss old armour...

2007/04/23 08:51, Nilin: 
Good log but I think we all expect clip-clops and smiters without approach :)

2007/05/02 20:52, Ethar: 
Orodreth is right if this doesn't belong here they need to change the description of the section.

2007/05/04 12:22, Zinc: 
One of the best logs I have read here I think

2007/06/21 00:05, Vesor:   
Like I told you, definately one my personal favourites :)
Great log!

2009/04/11 14:56, Devastator: 
This log is awesome. Read it quite some times, still enjoying it!


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