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When NSL were still new to MUME... (Roadkill)back

2007/05/30 11:04, Roadkill: 
I thought all my old logs were lost forever. Was looking at a web archive and figured I might try to look up Rockbelly's old MUME log page, and voila! Not all our logs are there, and some of my favourites are missing (like the 1vs1 duel with a warlord Muck which ended with him dead and me sunead), but still. Fond memories for me from waaaay back in my MUME playtime. This log is from sometime in '98 or 99.

The quality isn't great and my comments are sub-par but I still think it's interesting to see how much has changed in MUME with regard to playstyle, for example.

2007/05/30 14:48, Devastator: 
Heh, so differently from nowadays... This looked kind of cute :) with Ares playing troll as well as Toe the old fart troll...

Good ol' days :)

2007/06/21 16:27, Ciryo: 
Good to see me. I just wonder...I should be 800+ years old now. But yea, as a youngster mage I participatated in anything those times. Nothing beats the first time though, when we spammed with Papirtiger towards noc, me on 400ms, and I just spammed fireball (dont ask), some orc died, came Drengist, PapirTiger sayd shit, screen froze, me spamspamspam fball (dont ask), screen unfroze and I was in mandos. Now. Those were the days. Always. Should start to play once more methinx...but no time:O

2007/06/22 03:42, Gurl: 
Everyone is so scared of losing their precious eq nowadays that you would never see this sort of charge.

Would be great to see this sort of comradeship (sp?) instilled back into the new era of trolls. A sense of adventure to see w swept wouldn't hurt either...

2009/06/06 06:41, Thurge: 
Silly Swedes, MUME is for... everyone else. =P

2016/02/08 13:07, Horast: 
Well a great log. Love them oldies. And I'm playing again and I go west steady so u need not worry about trolls going west :)


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