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2007/10/11 03:13, Katali:  edited 1x   
This is just one I loved so much that I found in some logs my husband (Drokk) gave me once from Warmaster's collection. Took me forever to locate it again. Happy Reading! Kat

2007/10/11 04:01, Glare: 

2007/10/11 06:11, Azazello: 
Is there a way to get my hands on your collection of logs? :-)

This one is probably even too much of an oldie for me, i'am a nab!

Accumulative armours, block doors. .-/

2007/10/11 09:02, Faint: 
when did priest look like that?? -98? must be mume 5?

2007/10/11 15:40, Lehto:   
Oh yeah, now this is a blast of the past.

East priest and the whole area around it was changed in mume 6. It was _a lot_ better back then.

2007/10/11 19:02, Devastator: 
Finally an oldie - and a great one! :)

2007/10/12 03:18, Brushck: 
very cool read

2007/10/12 12:02, Zhuk: 
Accumulative armours :) Drool, musta been good !

2007/10/13 02:02, Telessar:   
Says '1998-08-21'

Nice log!

2007/10/14 18:36, Faint: 
what am i missing? 'Accumulative armour' ?

2007/10/15 03:36, Reagan: 
not sure how the system worked Faint but check the part of the log right when they are about to enter priest. The elf casts armour like 7-8 times in a row

2007/10/15 18:58, Ethar: 
Ginlon got married??

2007/10/17 01:11, Katali:   
Re Armour Spell - I will ask about it. I honestly have no idea. I didn't play for a few years and then came back.

Re Ethar's question - Yes, we got married in August of this year. He is still in Sweden though. We haven't finished paperwork.

Re Azazello's question - I will have to ask. I only posted this one because my husband said it was alright to do so. The last thing my sad excuse for a cleric needs is Warmaster chasing me around Arda shouting at me in Swedish and spilling my precious blood. :P

2007/10/18 00:51, Sabadon:   
I think you are getting confused by the old spell system where you could fail a spell without it being a backfire.

He is casting armour several times to get the damn thing up in the first place, that's all.

'You lost your concentration!' Indeed.

2007/10/20 13:22, Hoor:   
Back then armour spell is what 'shield' is nowdays that means it just gave you a few dodge points (10 if i'm not very much mistaken) and since the mana cost was like 5 and you didn't need it that badly all the time you just learned it a bit..

So you had to cast it all over again to get it back and had plenty of 'you lost your consentration'.

Oh, old times :)

2007/10/22 23:14, Samurai:   
I remember the Arata putting everyone in e priest zone for death-battles royale when the game was under construction, to give us something to do. It was hilaaaaarious. They loaded lots of free legend eq and shit to play with.

2007/10/23 21:45, Mafaz: 
samurai is there a log about that? :D

2007/10/30 09:37, Azazello: 
Ahh, i just extrapolated, sorry. I recall someone saying (and seeing in logs) and block spell was accumulative and thus got confused. :)

Any answer about the logs, Katali? :-)

2007/10/30 22:24, Uther: 
That was some serious balls demonstrated there by Galdor...running around awful trying to hit the BN, getting almost hit by spirits, olog-hai troll and one earthquake, bolt or even burn away from death.


2007/11/01 08:43, Mafaz: 
a copper ring; it is invisible

2007/11/10 16:52, Katali:   
Uther: This is my favorite part of the whole log.

* W C HP:Awful Mana:Warm>agg
Mood: Aggressive

Plus, Orodreth has said he is icy just before Galdor changes to agg.

Azazello: Sorry, real life kind of got in the way. Don't worry, I will mume mail you.

2007/11/17 21:07, Shadrach: 
This IS a puke log, ergo it sucks. Im so happy Orodreth and whatshisname has quit playing ...Orodreth freaks me out. Listen up snagas, if u c orodreth,,,RUN FOR YOUR F*CKING LIFE! Run to a rent dude and rent for some hours. Not that im afraid of dying, its just that he whacks you in a really uncomfortable a rat...shot like a dog, drowned like a kitten in a bag.

2007/12/13 03:24, Goretongue: 
Awesome log :)

2007/12/13 16:15, Björn: 
Orodreth is playing Donk at the moment =)

2007/12/24 16:17, Curt: 
if that old log collection is available to read i would be honored to be allowed access. thanks and have a happy holiday!

2008/01/24 17:18, Udo: 
Ooh! I was in a log!

2008/04/04 14:43, Zinc: 
I am willing to bet you could sell access to logs like these and retire comfortably on the proceeds. Absolutely fantastic log..

2008/04/30 14:36, Andróg:   
Katali, if that old log collection is available and if you do happen to read this post here, please contact me through mume-mail. I'd love to read it too. :-)

2009/06/06 06:34, Thurge: 
I like the colours of the 'Blast From the Past' section. So wonderfully green!


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