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11/17/96 - Huge fight inside warrens (Mekin)back

2008/07/02 07:00, Atastor:edited 1x   
Oooooo..nice to read :)

Lets keep this one!!

2008/07/02 08:39, Björn: 
It's a bit sad that a fight with big numbers is a enough to make a log a blast from the past =/ Says something about MUME today...

2008/07/02 13:17, Andróg:   
Well, it's a nice read nonetheless! And totally different fighting style. These days fear isn't used like that. Simply because most/manyclerics don't even have it pracced!

Btw, unless I counted the trolls wrong, then it was 17 whities, 20 trolls and an orc who were involved in this fight. That's more people than we have online half the day these days. :P

And strangely the trolls seemed to be losing? 17 vs 21 would be a sure win for trolls these days, I think. (Of course depends on levels, but generally.)

2008/07/02 13:26, Telessar:   
Emergency trans and Smelly popping in Warrens !

2008/07/02 13:33, Iluvator: 
I see lots more than just huge numbers here Bjorn. Old scrolls including when drain didn't work with black, old sprays, old fireballs, old weapon timings...was a nice read.

2008/07/02 14:31, Filk:   
yeah a keeper.

2008/07/03 02:20, Caesar: 
It makes me sad reading this, knowing what MUME has become. Great blast from the Past post.

2008/07/03 03:55, Telessar:   
No-one's voting :P

2008/07/03 13:22, Atastor: 
Im not asked yet... :(

2008/07/03 17:15, Britney: 
And: Zeriak narrates '###EMERGENCY TRANS!!###'

Nice :P

2008/07/13 23:02, Londar: 
I was there and here!

2008/07/16 05:04, Uther: 
Massive fear use, no approach (I didn't see any), old spells, old death messages...a keeper.

2009/06/06 06:32, Thurge: 
Be very afraid!


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