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Trolls die in redhorn caves (Cyrano)back

2008/07/16 16:57, Caesar: 
Hah check out the map

2008/07/17 06:20, Devastator: 
Reading these old logs I see trolls were already crap versus pukes in the past :P

Nice to see the old map indeed!

2008/07/19 07:27, Crapman:  edited 3x   
What log does not show is I where around lvl 17 at the time think Behemoth about the same.
I remember the shaman was not very helpfull, and Behemoth didnt really listen.
So offcourse we look like we suck Dev.
For our lvls i would think we did ok, making 2 warlords waste scrolls to survive.

Seem to remember i had some sort of armour maybe metal, which would explain why i survived many pierces on awful. Not sure though, maybe i was reequipping.

Cyrano starts with
You need 624837 exp
After Behemont dies
You need 578798 exp.(Gain 46039 xp)
After CrapMan dies
You need 531210 exp(Gain 47588xp)

2008/07/26 01:26, Joacim:   
HOW do you even remember this fight crapman? wow

2008/07/28 04:50, Crapman:   
Well, I dont die that often.
It has been posted elsewhere to, so i had time to remember things before.
And I put troll knight in my whois, when i started wearing metal as troll.

2008/08/24 10:09, Devastator: 
Ah ok CrapMan never mind my remark then! I enjoyed this log anyways :)

2009/06/06 06:27, Thurge: 
Back in the day...

2013/01/25 21:23, Goretongue: 
This just in: trolls have a bunch of HPs


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