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Charge! (Lancelot)back

2008/12/05 10:10, Belog: 
When was that?

2008/12/05 12:22, Andróg:   
September 1999 according to my source.

2008/12/05 15:27, Lehto:   
For some reason I can't vote anymore. Oh well.

This should definately be kept. It was right after this when charge got changed to useless again.

2008/12/05 19:20, Nockrip: 
This looks good. Anyone remembers, what was the damage approximately?

2008/12/05 22:47, Glare: 
I think it should be kept, I also can't vote, and for _some_ reason I had thought that it was a lowbie who had killed Shadrach with the charge, I guess I'm wrong because he hit pretty hard and was just tickled. I could've sworn it was a level 9 *shrug* Anyway, keep it!

2008/12/05 22:58, Faine: 
Im allmost sure that this log has allrdy been in blast :/ Might be wrong.

2008/12/05 23:05, Wiseman: 
Would really like to see charge brought back. I don't play anymore...but would find it comforting knowing that it's there :)

2008/12/06 10:26, Britney: 
I believe the lev 9 charger was Jeesus. And if i remember right he killed some legend puke with 1 charge in damage check sessions. Not sure tho... been so many years :(

2008/12/07 15:56, Bubby:   
Charge used to do some serious damage

2008/12/08 12:18, Shadrach: 
Yea lets post logs here of all old bugs that have been on mume. A few years before this charge was also bugged. Instead of taking the squareroot of an argument the damage was calculated using multiplication to the power of 2. I think it was Achilles who charged Herkules (the healthy hp troll) dead in one hit.

2008/12/08 20:06, Faint: 
Shadrach, its a nice blast from the past nontheless! And i sure think it should be here, but isnt this log a repost in this section?

2008/12/09 05:37, Force:   
Back in the day, charge had a max damage cap somewhere around 1200 hps. So sweet.

2008/12/09 10:00, Shadrach: 
Crap log nonetheless. Anyhow, the comment in the log that If i had been aggressive my bash would have saved me is wrong. I prolly was aggressive but it was sun :( otherwise i wouldnt have been in such a hurry to get in.

2008/12/09 21:10, Dundan: 
Hmm, how do I get to rate logs? :)

It does anger me that so many things on mume that could be cool if balanced were nerfed, apparently just to make things simpler. Do people try things like this again from time to time, just to make sure that they weren't tweaked to be possibly uesful again?

And hole person, kick, black breath, etc.

2008/12/14 06:58, Grisnat: 
Quite humorous.

2008/12/14 16:06, Rashnak: 
It was my legend warrior, back then named Baby, who Jeesus charged to death from full HP at oermg.

2008/12/16 15:45, Bungo: 
Jeesus charged Baby to death at oermgw. I find it funny.

2008/12/16 18:21, Goretongue: 
ehhh amusteresting but not exactly a blast from the past ? i'll not vote either way.

2008/12/16 21:42, Teejay: 
i remember good ol charge :) good log

2009/06/06 06:20, Thurge: 
When did they get rid of charge? I think I remember it.

2009/10/02 22:40, Narsel: 
Too bad this doesn't happen anymore :(


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