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HolyElf and Gulag at E. Priest (Gulag)back

2011/06/06 21:39, Björn: 
Why was the place even changed? =)

2011/06/07 10:40, Nockrip: 
Damn, that elf had some balls!

2011/06/07 22:55, Kaldae:   
Hah, I remember this happening. The old priest-area was much more fun than the one we have now, I do agree.

2011/06/13 11:12, Roadkill: 
Old Warrens and epriest was infinitely more fun than the current version. :(

2011/06/16 06:11, Auluua: 
I wish I was playing at this time ;pp

2011/06/24 17:38, Deimus: 
Log is rather meh, but bonus points for the old zones. Yes from me. Who even remembers that I get to vote on these things? Heh.

I can't wait till all submitted 'Blast' logs are from 2005.

2011/10/06 20:12, Andróg:   
Hehe, tick-based regen? Cute. :)

2011/10/31 20:08, Ragnus: 
If I'm not mistaken, HolyElf = Vainamoinen, right?

2011/10/31 21:27, Fankil: 

2011/11/04 01:48, Throck:   
I love that he has scalp of Gangee as his style point.

2012/05/15 09:03, Goretongue: 
I remember why you hitted his horse--darkies hated this powerful, persistent enemy back in those days.


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