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Mammoth gets shafted (Nain)back

2012/01/16 19:37, Fankil: 
Nothing spectacular, imo.

2012/01/17 09:43, Devastator: 
Hmm, basic log? Nothing too old neither...

2012/01/17 18:11, Björn: 
While I'd really like to encourage people to post more logs in this section, I too question this particular one. Maybe the poster could elaborate on the merits of the log?

2012/01/19 01:34, Throck:   
Just does not seem old enough. I mean I would take a log of following Enyoenne smobbing ... or just a log of narrates and shouts after Slayer dies, or Gangee doing anything really ... or If I had saved the 25 times Gargomel and Kilroy got me when I was learning the game ... or anything with Trix in it ... or just typing who and 130 players being on ... and old stats ... etc.

2012/01/21 13:35, Bungo: 
Well, it did include Norsupack! :) Strange though that Baresark wasn't in it. I rather enjoyed the reading.

2012/01/22 18:21, Telessar:  edited 1x   
Posted cause it has Nain, Mammoth, Norsu pack. And the fight itself isn't too bad, pretty ballsy from Nain to try necro 2v3 without board key. I agree, the MUME version (VII?) is pretty much the same as it is now, but it is old. 12 years folks, which if you think about it, is longer than than half of MUME's total existence (1992-2012, and this was 2000)

2012/01/23 01:08, Bungo:edited 1x   
Hm... Enyoenne? Who was he/she? I was active player during 1994-1998 and i'm pretty sure i remember most of the names that mattered back then. Can't recall Enyoenne though. Only reason i can think of, is that he/she didn't PK much.

Edit: (Btw, bn was Gargamel.)

2012/01/23 07:22, Samurai:   
This log looked mostly like a battle of links. Weird that Nain didn't unlock grating from below to let Toker out.

FYI, Enyoenne was a self-sancing warrior. The old game mechanics for combos made it possible - today any char with sanc worth a damn would have pretty shitty hps and warrior skills. Enyoenne was perfect for smobs because all you needed to round out the group was a couple of mages to nuke.

2012/01/23 15:41, Fankil: 
Can't unlock from below.

I believe the people in this log had pretty equal links. A bunch of Swedes and Estonians back in 2000?

Eventhough I don't think the log belongs here I voted 'yes'. :P

2012/01/23 16:12, Telessar:   
Heh, didn't even realize Toker is Fankil. So it also has Fankil...

2012/01/23 19:49, Bungo:edited 1x   
'The old game mechanics for combos made it possible - today any char with sanc worth a damn would have pretty shitty hps and warrior skills.'

Ya, i know that. 'Only' 53 stathunts and sancing half elf warrior i had! :)

Edit: typos.

2012/01/26 22:17, Breaux: 
Awesome log, i especially liked how you made norsu-pack look like utter newbies/slowbies. like you were toying around with them.

2012/02/17 14:20, Drogtash: 
Yeah nice log :p I don't get to vote so it's not up to mee.

2012/03/10 01:31, Noockurzh: 
I like it hat people acutally !?fight?! Bet they didnt care about eq like wowcreeps do nowadays

2012/04/01 14:36, Horus: 
he was wearing thick metal that is old now. :P

2012/05/09 12:24, Devastator: 
I voted already ;-)

2012/05/15 09:00, Goretongue: 
Old enough these days, I reckon. I like the going back for loot... That was just insane. At least on a USA link it would be. .. Then falling, and ZBLAM'ing...

2012/06/25 22:05, Shadrach: 
When u meet Petter, run! If you are healthy when u start running your odds are pretty good of living,, if u run at wounded you are 75% dead. This advice is irrelevant of whether he is on your side or not (quite typically he got his team killed too)

2012/08/08 10:01, Vandersell: 
Oh, I liked it with my coffe :) thanks. It was before I started playing, so old for me. I was like what..? No doors in necromancer?

2012/08/11 17:30, Andróg:   
This should be old enough. If posting logs from 1997 was old enough in 2005, then why can't 2000 qualify in 2012?

2012/11/06 09:45, Devastator: 
Just shows how little has been changed on fundamental level since 2000 :-P

2013/02/05 22:52, Eolo:   
Just out of curiosity, who gets to vote here?

2013/02/15 10:53, Singleton: 
Well ... I just klicked on 'Login' button in header of the Arglebargle section (although I already had logged in before) and was immediately asked to vote.

Puzzled Regards

2013/02/18 14:53, Eolo:   
Funny, nothing here even after logging in the same way you did. Only voting that shows up is the one on MUDConnect.

2013/02/21 21:04, Naga: 
Not everyone gets a vote. Some oldies got that privilege when the old logs section was started - but I'm guessing not enough are around anymore to ever have it 'pass' :P

2013/04/15 20:31, Iluvator: 
I'm one of those with voting privileges. I don't know what the trigger is for it to either be accepted or rejected though. I'll see if I can find some contact info and drop a note to Axel about it.

2013/04/23 01:10, Eolo:   
It would be nice to vote :)

2013/05/19 10:15, Macabre:   
Bungo, you're not Enyonne, not sure if you're implying you are in your last comment or not :)

2013/08/06 14:52, Prist: 
I get to vote. Fear me.


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