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The Days of Yore When Trolls Were Sneaky (Thurge)back

2013/06/18 19:57, Devastator: 
Haha, the hit *orc* added to the confusion. I loved this, of course it got fixed / changed soon. Although why would a troll not be able to hide himself like a pile of rocks, in a cave? :-D

2013/06/18 21:13, Thurge: 
Actually, it was this log that got it changed. At least, it was fixed on the next reboot afterwards. =P

2013/07/13 21:21, Telessar:   
This is pretty recent; even I remember it..

2013/07/15 09:28, Singleton: 
Yepp, Thurge is a quite recent player; started playing not more than perhaps 10 or 15 years ago.

2013/07/16 02:12, Steoadsawoeifn:   
I remember this! Hi Thurge!

2013/07/16 23:41, Saralonde:   
Haha I remember this one!

2013/07/24 10:23, Curt: 
nothing was better than old thurge narrates from deep in shire space. those old days ruled.

2013/08/10 14:23, Haasha:   

2013/09/28 13:20, Enforcer: 
Bears can still do it!

2014/08/06 18:33, Malek: 
I remember thinking the Norsu pack had amazing links or auto track/auto hit going. Though living in Texas was why I had to use a scout to pk then. Fun read.

2014/08/06 18:34, Malek: 
Oops! Wrong log. My apologies!

2015/04/11 20:06, Ezmodius: 
I'm in a blast from the past! I was around level 16 or so when this took place (note the fireball from bad to awful). I had just gotten store and could store a block so I asked the trolls if they were up for something fun. And trolls always are!

So the thing was, back then if you did hide thorough there was a chance it would work even with zero pracs in hide. It must have taken an hour to get those trolls hidden! Every time one would finally get hidden, he would dance or something and be out again.

So when I finally got them hidden I used my one store slot to store a block and ran around talking trash to get someone to come. Sure enough, two bears showed up. I had told the trolls not to hit until it's blocked. Let me die if it comes to that but do not reveal themselves unless it's blocked. I don't know how obvious it is here but the stored block landed right before bash, armour dropped insta and I knew I was one hit from incap. Luckily the troll rescue came through and everything worked out. I really hate xping, so I was happy to get a 'quick' 200k.

P.S. The next day there was a news item saying if things hide that shouldn't hide happens again, everyone involved gets demoted.


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