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nlike Pluto - Everything Black (feat. Mike Taylor) (Kut)back

2017/10/21 04:03, Kut: 
Unlike Pluto - Everything Black (feat. Mike Taylor) is correct missed U letter from start due copy paste and didn't notice it.

2017/10/21 04:15, Neamir: 
Kut - kudos to you on this fight. I'm pErenil, and donated many wps here. The whole thing was simultaneously hilarious, humiliating, yet awesome the whole time. LOL Ebon wraith showing up at clutch timing. I feel like Ebon Wraith should be #2 warlord, at minimum. What a fierce, spiteful mistress this game is.

Obviously, we could have waited for sun trap and broken front, and shifted the balance a bit. We got a little greedy there. Respect to your resilience in waking Captain room mobs, that was the deciding tactical factor.

I want to highlight a very personal failure and humiliation. Because Erenil has such illustrious equ (lambent amulet, crystal phial, finely woven hood/cloak, silvery wristband, everything), I had no slot for pale blue stone. So I got used to carrying pale blue stone in backpack, and doing (get pale pack, wield pale, use pale) as a standard macro. In the midst of spam (and following someone here), I instinctively did that sequence of commands, then tried to bash you and hit you without ever having re-equipped dagger. So I bashed you 1 out of 2 times without a weapon, and then failed to hit you when I bashed. This is probably my 2nd all time biggest failure in MUME, second only to when I DT'd with a full set of shining plate. Kids at home, don't obsess about equ - if you have a pbs wear it, and fucking use it.

But regardless, kudos to you for spamming back east after the Guardian rip and fighting us.

We shall find a way to rend and defile your sad corpse soon.

2017/10/21 04:24, Kut: 
Waking mobs was only option to separate you but I needed to wait until you charge captain room. I knew I would die but I wanted to make it difficult as possible. Ebon wraith showing up was suprice for me and I chuckled irl when saw it as he made my task less difficult.

2017/10/21 12:43, Ghara:   
Awesome !!! :)

2017/10/21 22:44, Fieldy:   
Nice log!

2017/10/22 01:06, Algroth: 
Good to know good players are still playing trolls, makes me want to play olog more :) nice fight.

2017/11/05 01:27, Horast: 
We call this Troll Pimpin' out some pukes to our friends.


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