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Trap!! (Kut)back

2017/10/23 10:24, Vaelrin: 
staff as shield reduces hand to hand damage like shield, no?

2017/10/23 12:08, Fieldy:   

2017/10/23 13:40, Kut:edited 2x   
max damage whn you have staff as shield cause you are holding it not wearing it, same goes for crossbow, held instead of wielded and not affecting damage.

I missed out 1 part at the end with cause copy paste

! [*elf*]O W HP:Fine *Taramikir the Half-Elf* (my):Awful Angurboda:Hurt>
*Taramikir the Half-Elf* (my) ------ IS TRYING TO FLEE!!! ------
*Taramikir the Half-Elf* (my) seems to have recovered his senses.
*Taramikir the Half-Elf* (my) leaves \\ [D O W N] \\


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