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Misdur's Skirmishes (Misdur)back

2017/11/15 11:40, Fieldy:   
Who was the bn?

2017/11/15 14:56, Misdur:   
Rakhr was the bn.

2017/11/16 15:49, Acidevil:   
Even if we killed you, we would have died miserably to the mobs :( I was hoping for a 1 bash kill and out.

2017/11/16 16:50, Rakhr:   
Well played. Had you awful outside. Of course my block wore off on aman. We really had no chance even without block. Mobs hit me so with cast spell delay you would have survived anyways. Guess I should have just left and let boring Mume be boring Mume. Guess that's what we get for charging :D

2017/11/17 04:57, Misdur:   
I thought the citizen mercenaries made me look like a lowbie xping since i didn't have any warpoint. Thought i would die actually. I was 20 hps in the end.

2017/11/17 13:05, Obvious:   
*Acidevil the Orc* sends you sprawling with a powerful bash.
_gt I am BASHED by *Acidevil the Orc* (on Hurt) - Alkarambar

this has to be highly illegal?

2017/11/20 22:02, Bardock: 
how can you whisper when you are bashed tho? It wont go through until you recover.

2017/11/21 10:39, Zlad: 
I'm not sure how MMapper's group thingy works, but as all clients are connected directly, maybe it bypasses MUME's tell system and sends the messages directly?

2017/11/24 08:51, Obvious:   
_gt sends a message through the mapper-system via the client. if more players (like a grp of ppl playing together) are connected to the same mapper-server they can send messages to eachother while bashed or when slept etc etc...

misdur made an action to send that he is bashed, where he is bashed and who bashed him so his grpmates could come and help him.
this is obviously cheating but no higher-ups will do anything, just how the game has become


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