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Swinging the preciousss! (Fiend)back

2018/08/03 18:25, Bardock:  Rated: Superb 
this is a great log thanks for posting.

2018/08/03 18:27, Löff:  Rated: Average 
whatta shitty stab i have and im pure scout !! that undeads fight was nice and i hoped warrens that giants will tear you apart:) Next day again when you dont posess that gay sword !

2018/08/04 09:46, Zimrathon:Rated: Superb 
I am Zimrathon and I approve of this message.

2018/08/05 19:56, Nockrip:  Rated: Good 
Can confirm that Löff's bstab sucks butt cheeks.


 Superb Bardock, Faine, Zimrathon 
 Good Fieldy, Kyndill, Nockrip 
 Average Baratheon, Löff 
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