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Lady luck in bbt (IminyŽ)back

2019/04/11 16:52, Shaukr: 
I guess after all the troll victory logs, we had to get one where pukes took it one-sidedly to balance it out.

2019/04/11 17:03, IminyŽ:edited 2x   
I didn't post #Arzorex @ bbt 0verkiLL, because it was 0verkiLL.

p.s. Yes, we entered at night
p.s.s. They jumped in after 2 mobs dead

2019/04/11 17:05, Samurai:   
Well it turned out to be an overkill, but only because of luck, as the title indicates. It could have easily been a troll win if they had entered earlier when BBT were all alive and Svarten had purpled some of the mobs, sancing and unblinding them. Even with the lucky timing, it could've been a mess if Svarten saved the blind.

Thanks for the log!

2019/04/11 17:10, Throgg: 
I'm not sure if it's in the log but I burned two blues in that fight, they would have killed me otherwise. Trolls r hard.

2019/04/11 18:09, Vaelrin: 
Lady Luck?

More like blind luck...

... if you get what i mean :P

2019/04/12 00:17, Yaul:   
Amatures. *cough*

2019/04/12 00:35, Baratheon: 
LOL *clap* Yaul

2019/04/12 00:57, Padan:   
Wow, a five vs. two log! Super neat!

Do you guys wanna see the log where I stabbed a level 1 man dead at bree sgate too? I feel like it'd be as one sided as this!

2019/04/12 01:42, Bardock:   
Throgg is a beast dawg.

2019/04/12 03:22, Rayne: 
Horast, good to see you back playing.

2019/04/12 04:11, Seopa:   
Agree with Yaul.

2019/04/12 05:28, Bungo: 
Nice to see oldies back and kicking! And some Padans should think before commenting.

2019/04/12 11:42, Glaurog: 
Lol I misread Throg is playing again but Rogon is probably too busy to do that. I think Horast did bad random targeting there and protecting Svarten while he was blind would helped too.

2019/04/12 14:07, Gabillak: 
Iminye said it all by naming the log :-)

Congrats anyway!

I am bit confused, why you did not just ignore the blind Svarten which could do no more harm for a while, and instead focus on killing Horast? Even if you consider Svarten the much bigger threat -which I doubt he is in respect to the two-room-killling-power compared to Horast- this should have worked much smoother.


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