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Trolls in the corner (Critical)back

2019/05/22 23:35, Myrka:   
Haaah! Nice fight, thanks!
When I was above board and started casting, I was 1mlsec away from landing the bolt and killing you I see :D
Had the option whether to try one more last nuke or wait a little more mana for armour. Guess which I chose?
Thumbs up!

2019/05/23 00:49, Critical:   
Yes was a fun couple of fights! Can't believe the other troll looted his corpse before the sun came up as well, he died at 5AM.

2019/05/26 05:43, Vaelrin: 
Not sure if Critical could have played it any more worse or is it impossible to eat more spells and hit random targets.

Pukes kinda suicided into this fight - any decent troll would have wiped the group without breaking a sweat.

Lore as pUgurz on thief/mage is literally not even a threat so it's a helf mage w/o sanc and a seemingly clueless dwarf warrior vs 2 ologs...

Doesn't take much to realize how tilted the fight was but somehow due to extremely shitty playing Critical still managed to even the odds lol

2019/05/27 16:44, Torkild: 
This should have been a walk in the park for 2 ologs yes.

2019/05/30 03:42, Critical:   
Please enlighten me on how I was hitting random targets when I was targeting elf the entire fight until my groupmate said 'dwarf', or you do you have sort of personal grudge.

2019/06/04 09:58, Myrka:   

2019/06/05 17:44, Vaelrin: 
What personal grudge, I don't even know who you are. This was an objective look just at the log not the players.

There were 2 -elves- so targeting elf was stupid, just look how many hits you spent on other targets when trying to get one down. And how much needless damage you ate doing so. You just played very very uneffectively regarding your received damage and focused dps.

2019/06/09 14:26, Critical:   
You need a pair of reading glasses. Lore didn't appear until later, and I didn't approach him a single time while still using elf as target because he was mostly just hiding. Go to the log and count to zero. I switched my target to myrka after we took a breath.


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