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Quick volley (Gacit)back

2019/06/19 18:24, Bardock:   
lucky venom on an orc

2019/06/19 21:12, Gacit:   
All 6 of those arrows were poisoned, got lucky on the last one or he would have lived. The log isn't anything special except for Ugurz only dies about once a year, and he was beating the living shit out of us scouts.

2019/06/19 21:56, Ugurz:   
Ha I was playing so TIRED rl didn't even notice the poison message - or else I would have used that blue scroll you now have. We were nice not looting much of that *hobbit*'s gear when we killed it a bit earlier and left all of his gold. Apparently you decided not to treat me likewise - which will be remembered of course.

2019/06/20 00:31, Shaukr: 
Ugurz, that would be a far more threatening sentence if zaugs hadn't been gaccing every corpse they've made/found for a long time.

2019/06/20 02:23, Zintilden:   
Remove Tark shops!

No wait, just...Eqwipe!

Wait wait....Pwipe2019!!!!

#zaug4life #serialgaccer

2019/06/20 03:18, Ugurz:   
Yes, I know we all look alike Shaukr so you group our actions as one. Did u not read the first part of my post. Mors and I had JUST left the hobbit's gleaming belt, brd, embellished, all gold, etc. etc. when he died to us. VERY nice items for our cart, which is I am sure you know, how we acquire our draughts. I DO appreciate them leaving my sword and pretty white metal armours at least. :) I would add that you seem pretty FUCKING clueless but I won't. Oh, wait. sorry.

2019/06/20 03:30, Gacit:  edited 1x   
I had no clue what happened earlier with the hobbit, but I did give him everything back that you had taken from him. I've been gac'd clean every single time I've died so I did leave an above average amount of eq comparatively so you could at least play. I still expect to be fully gac'd every time so if you leave as much as I did it would be a nice surprise :) I certainly wouldn't have named my char Gacit if I expected my eq to be left in my corpse LOL. It makes the game more exciting this way.

2019/06/20 04:24, Shaukr: 
Anyone who has grouped with me Ugurz will know that I not only seem clueless, but I am clueless too! Even then, I know a hollow threat when I see one.

2019/06/20 04:57, Zinrokh:   
I appreciate leaving the hammer the other day when you and your group caught a low hp lowbie exping on wargs near way/slide the other day, Shaukr! I never forget such gestures. I've never been a fan of gaccing, especially those that gac others simply because of an association and nothing beyond that. Special kind of special, those kinds hehe. Cheers, thanks again man. =->

2019/06/20 05:22, Bardock:   
fun log none the less :)

2019/06/20 12:27, Elestir:   
@Ugurz Did I miss something or did your corpse (with all the eq) get lost in Anduin river due to mudlle? If that's the case, why do you blame Gacit for gaccing?

2019/06/20 14:49, Ugurz:   
Mors went back for my corpse .. he said it was on the east bank of the river semi-looted. Or maybe the eq was on the ground I don't really know for sure.

2019/06/20 14:57, Vaelrin: 
Can we get vanilla mume with full reset?

MUME Classic plz

2019/06/20 20:47, Nockurzh: 
'why do you blame Gacit for gaccing'
Should we gacit or leaveit:D?

2019/06/21 02:59, Slit:   
Every time I die on the river, the corpse is not recoverable.. lucky you got anything back tbh. I lost a fullset on my shaman. Well, two, because I was carrying Shaukr's by accident.

And I mean, look at his name. Look at it.

2019/06/21 15:26, IminyŽ: 
Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section!

2019/06/21 19:39, Ugurz:   
I don't get what being a citizen of Ga has to do with looting eq.

2019/06/21 21:40, Fieldy:   
Citizen of Ga? I missed the pun I think...

2019/06/23 04:37, Britney: 
'We were nice not looting much of that *hobbit*'s gear when we killed it a bit earlier and left all of his gold. Apparently you decided not to treat me likewise - which will be remembered of course.'

'Mors went back for my corpse .. he said it was on the east bank of the river semi-looted.'

Kinda similar cases, eh?
MUME in 2019... or well... Ugurz since the creation of da char.

2019/06/24 18:59, Slit:   
I'm still laughing, Ugurz. That's actually hilarious!

2019/06/24 19:59, Gacit:   
Yes, everyone thought I was GAC-it, but Ugurz found my true name. I am a citizen from the lost city of Ga. Hah!


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