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And I was just saving up for an iron ring (Xap)back

2019/07/08 22:39, Sarkazein:   

2019/07/08 23:40, Uge:   
Yes! I can’t believe neither of you used the key!

2019/07/09 03:25, Zintilden:   
Nice job (keys or not), because that is one badass BN that had no intention of leaving until you were destroyed. Aren't you glad that bashing the exit in the beginning didn't work out so well? If you wouldnt of hit him that last time to incap as fast as you did, he would of finished you instead.

2019/07/09 07:25, Singleton: 
Given the amount of fleeing on Xap's side, getting the key and using the ow door would have been the 100% victory for the bn.

At least, if he is not as clumsy with keys and exits as me... :-/

Got any name on the bn?

2019/07/09 08:57, Gagni: 
You hear *Asmodean the Black NĂºmenĂ³rean*'s death cry as he collapses.

2019/07/09 09:33, Cohen:   
I was screaming the whole log 'dam, pick the key and use the ow room' :-).
OW could be funny, it reminds me a pretty same situation here, killing it with hero for money, but i didn't allow bn warlord to cast the block and 2 rangers arrived pretty quickly, some others were on its tracks and i had to listen to yells - thanks for not letting me to block.

2019/07/09 09:48, Singleton: 
@Gagni: You mean, I should actually read the log carefully???



2019/07/09 20:05, Asmodean:   
You ever have the feeling when all the stars seem to align, and everything you touch turns into shit? I backfired bob just before I entered which put me at 100 max mana, after block I had 50 mana left so managed one re-armour. Then I failed to notice my pipe actually gave me enough for another one. So poor play aswell from my side.

And yeah I noticed your allies near morthan which showed four warhorses?. At that point I stopped tracking as I was slow and had no way to survive if you indeed would turn around.


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