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Weak and Powerless (Shady Edition) (Cthulhu)back

2019/10/16 19:41, Mirasantika: 
though lithe would died at last quake. good job

2019/10/16 20:25, Samurai:  Rated: Good 
Damn good fight, thanks for posting!!

2019/10/17 11:02, Solenya:   
I think its so poorly made that you can cast teleport while already engaged in combat, and with it stored. It's a 100% get out of jail free card as there is no way to stop it except if you guess correct when he casts a spell and it happens to be teleport and get of a lucky stunpouch it, alot of ifs.

2019/10/17 15:11, Samurai:  Rated: Good 
And you can accidentally flee from high wimpy while casting stored port. And there are noport rooms and zones. And BNs cannot port in more than half of Arda. And you can misport and DT or mobdie. And you can get instabashed before stored port goes through. And your portkey might expire.

If itís so easy, maybe you should store some ports and show us all how overpowered it is.

2019/10/17 16:21, Enforcer:Rated: Good 
Storeport only risk to fail is in oneroomer. Mostly you just flee and change wimpy 0 and off you go. No bash is fast enough.

2019/10/17 17:00, Elestir:   
Some additional counters to teleport would indeed be nice. Like auras (from eq or from spells) that make it harder/impossible to cast it (when fighting some1 with that aura), or more likely to fail, or something. Also successful teleport should leave a magical signature which would allow enemy with scry to check where the teleport leaded to (similar to portal). Maybe this could be solved by making teleport simply work like portal but such portal then being usable only by single person and then becoming too unstable to be entered (but still examinable with detect magic for portkey).

2019/10/17 17:27, Solenya:   
Samurai its funny how you constantly keep openening your mouth when you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Here is a list of corrections.

1. I have yet to had a port key stopped working. They change, but the old one still works as long as you dont log out. And even if it would have expired by some superlong session or some divine intervention. You will still end up somewhere else then where you were. I dont think you can DT any longer by misports, never happened to me atleast.

2. Wimpy out from a stored spell? That doesnt happen. When you start casting your spell, you are not going anywhere.

3. Outbash a stored port. In this dream-scenario you first of all need bash right? Wrong. There is zero chance to outbash a stored port if they already started casting the spell when you enter the room. Even a BN can do this.

Why would I storeport and run from every fight like Mirasantika does in 90% of his fights? With the mentality of always storing teleport, you might already have lost the fight, because you are lacking that additional firepower you otherwise would have had.

Thanks for log, I liked it!

2019/10/17 17:41, Enforcer:Rated: Good 
Unless it's changed, you can flee from stored spell when wimpy kicks in. But I'm old so...

2019/10/18 03:54, Samurai:  Rated: Good 
So what exactly did I say that was wrong?

1. You say itís never happened to you. Thatís your proof then? Itís happened to me.
2. Looks like youíre wrong.
3. Are you saying you cannot be bashed when reciting a stored spell? So I am right there too?

Get serious.

2019/10/18 21:40, Solenya:   
I went through a 30MB log, when I play mostly casters. I NEVER fled out from a single stored spell. That is kinda good indication I would say? What I noticed in that log was that manually pressed fleeing attempts stopped when I was casting a stored spell.

I have scried/teleported/portalled to keys that have changed and they have worked just fine. Just that there has been numerous active key for said location. It might be possible they CAN expire. But the time of doing so is really not an issue if so. As I tend to have pretty long sessions.

If you plan to outbash a stored spell, you pretty much need a warrior in that room standing still prespamming bash <said target>, not only that, you need to get lucky on bash speed roll.
As I have won numerous fights in 1-roomer vs warrior that is spamming bash on me.

If teleport were like sleep, armour etc. That you could not cast the spell if you already are engaged in combat it would atleast give you a chance not to getting it cast. No counter-play is just shitty balance.

And I do agree to Elestir about leaving a magical signature if you have high enough detect magic to where the player teleported. I always thought this was me having too low detect magic or something. Same with word of recall, as its hard knowing all spots by memory as I never use that spell on either side.

2019/10/19 02:56, Aganir:  Rated: Superb 
We all can't be as much of an 'intelligent, creative, empathetic, and curious person' as Samurai.

2019/10/19 04:17, Baratheon:  Rated: Average 
I have 100% fled out of a store spell. Usually a quake and sometimes it saves my life. However, 'If itís so easy, maybe you should store some ports and show us all how overpowered it is' is an all time hilarious line

2019/10/19 07:11, Solenya:  edited 1x   
Not sure if different spells has different rules with store tbh. That those you cannot cast while engaged in combat maybe are the ones that you cannot flee out from as part of balancing it out, which would make sense.

However that does little to help vs ppl casting a stored teleport @ full health more or less.

2019/10/19 16:13, Samurai:  Rated: Good 
Baratheon, try praccing port and locate life and see how much your char suffers. Combo like yours is not gonna be so hot with 15 or so fewer pracs. And if you store a port thatís one less stored quake too. There are sacrifices for being a storepoeter.

2019/10/20 04:05, Baratheon:  Rated: Average 
Only in 2019 do we worry about the sufferings of store porters. The quote is hilarious. I absolutely understand where you're coming from. If i got teleport on Baratheon (I already store) I'd have to drop burning hands which might fuck me. But the quote is so funny. 'Yeah!? Well you try and store port then!'

2019/10/20 12:40, Aganir:  Rated: Superb 
I don't get it. First you are pro sunning trolls. Now you say storeporting is hard. Are you going to demand hardened rangers, or the grey-cloaked elves, to be spread across all of Arda, because it's just so hard to play puke?

I can't tell if you're a horrible person, or just a masterful troll.

2019/10/20 12:42, Bungo:Rated: Average 
Since when you can't cast teleport while engaged? And well, i've fled several times thanks to autowimpy when casting stored teleport. Years back when i USED teleport. Maybe it's changed now but i really doubt.

2019/10/21 03:09, Baratheon:  Rated: Average 
Aganir I assume you are directing that to me. But you are wrong on both counts which is strange. Are you not able to read? I would never myself sun a troll, but I am not going to shed a tear over a sunned troll and I've sunned plenty of my own; Most recently level 40s Puncher because my link dropped. They aren't mean to be level 100 chars in my opinion. If you are able to do it, more power to you because that takes a lot of discipline and avoiding bad luck. You can re legend in a handful of sessions if you're slow. But it is both part of 'war' and it is fully within the role play of Lord of the Rings to sun a troll. This is a role play server even if we all pretend it isn't. And I don't care one way or another about store porting. I just found the comment really funny about challenging people to store port (I never have store ported or plan to).

2019/10/21 03:52, Shaukr:   
Baratheon: I assume he's talking to Samurai.

2019/10/21 04:18, Baratheon:  Rated: Average 
oh well... I'll be over here in the corner alone if you need me. Don't need to check up on me.

2019/12/15 01:31, Michio: 
'Since when you can't cast teleport while engaged? And well, i've fled several times thanks to autowimpy when casting stored teleport. Years back when i USED teleport. Maybe it's changed now but i really doubt.'

I've experienced similar stuff, but I think it's only possible if you get hit, your auto-wimpy sets in, and then you cast. I believe I have it in a log somewhere *thinks*.


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