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Unexpected Fight (Mirasantika)back

2020/01/14 13:05, Jenzn:Rated: Good 
I enjoyed it. Thanks :D

2020/01/14 15:06, Fieldy:  Rated: Good 
Nice log indeed. I did feel kinda gutted that you could take out such a group with your charmies and finish on wounded/warm, but well done, well done!

2020/01/14 16:07, Cyndane:   
I was SO CLOSE to landing that bandage. I fucked up so many things, if I focused on giant earlier and didn't fail the damn thorosleep on him, or if I focused on killing you with Murduk incap... frustrating.

Pukes are overpowered! Fun fight though.

2020/01/14 17:44, Shaukr:  Rated: Good 
lmao prac cure instead of bandage nab bn

Pretty good! Crazy amount of charmies but I would expect Murduk+2 lithes to beat giant+eagle+boar on paper, so you must have done it right.

I thought the darkies were doing well when they took out the boar quick, but then it seemed like the strategy came apart: Murduk beat the eagle down to shatters then switched target to you, and the giant seemed free to do most of the damage alone (I was looking for the sleep, but I guess that failed).

2020/01/14 17:50, Samurai:  Rated: Superb 
Impressive! Didn't know you could 'use staff' for bless either, that's neat.

2020/01/15 03:53, Baratheon:  Rated: Good 
Great log. Everyone had a plan and you were just better.

2020/01/15 15:51, Enforcer:Rated: Average 
You are really into mages with charmies huh :) - what is the difference between Maling, Thiwzan and Mirasantika? What is common is the storeport feature ;)

2020/01/16 14:16, Mirasantika: 
Mirasantika - pure mage with high will
Thiwzan - mage with max wis (can be cleric too)
Maling - thief/mage (stat)
All can port if necessary :D

2020/01/16 18:52, Singleton:Rated: Superb 
Great fight, obedient giant:

!O CW HP:Fine Mana:Burning>order followers kill giant
A huge stone giant (CC) hits himself, and says OUCH!


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