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Scouts are annoying (Kemmler)back

2021/02/12 11:49, Nockrip:Rated: Average 
No freaking way...

2021/02/12 13:27, Rik:Rated: Good 
Fun to see you made the best of the only chance you had to stay alive.

2021/02/12 13:30, Praska:  Rated: Superb 
HaHAHAAAA, Cool ending ! 5 stars*- coz i just love scouts!

2021/02/12 16:06, Belog: 

2021/02/12 16:29, Agarwaen: 
Haha, love it.

2021/02/12 16:38, Aerie:   
What an incredible turn around!

2021/02/12 17:15, Shrike:Rated: Superb 
I was expecting for it to end the way that is familiar to me - you are low, run out of moves, and die. Then I thought - is it really possible that you might get away? But heh, what a turn around indeed.

2021/02/12 19:57, Enforcer:Rated: Good 
At first there was Vii in Slag, then there was corpse. Pretty cool!

2021/02/12 19:59, Enforcer:Rated: Good 
And also, how did you pull off 7 cures with 54 mana as low-regen man/brainless scout :)

2021/02/12 20:31, Torkild:Rated: Superb 
Must've been the staff :P

2021/02/12 20:51, Fleck:   
But do you love scouts now?? :D

They are like gambling, the house usually wins BUT NOT ALWAYS!

2021/02/13 09:19, Bj÷rn:Rated: Superb 
In 21 years of MUME this is the first stabber log I have not hated.

2021/02/15 06:14, Haxwell:  Rated: Good 
I cringed because I thought this was some complain log. But then I got a good laugh at the conclusion. Way to throw that hail mary.

2021/02/15 16:14, Breaux:Rated: Superb 
So good to see you back in the game Kemmler! Well done!


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